We are almost the halfway in this year, and flat design is creating wonders in the web world. There are plenty of plugins that can be integrated into your website to make it more attractive, smooth, and interactive.

Considering that every website uses Javascript in some or the other way it becomes00 essential to incorporate various libraries for its effective. While programmers may use extensive Javascript library, jQuery is one of the widely accepted libraries for creating interactive and alluring websites. It is important for the designers to stay well-informed with the latest jQuery plugins as plenty of old plugins get outdated with time.

1. Addel

One of the most lightweight and basic jQuery Plugin to boost up the UIs is Addel. The beauty of Addel Plugin for jQuery lies in enabling dynamic modification by allowing addition and omissions of HTML elements


The name ‘AdDel’ is abbreviation for Addition-Delete

2. Section Scroll

Selection Scroll

The best jQuery plugin to that makes an easy navigation within the scrollable area. The best part is that it makes automatically makes the navigation scrollable that can be embedded on a single-page scrollable website with the help of SectionScroll.

3. Roundabout

The Roundabout plugin works best of the websites that needs a lot of interaction with users. This plugin works like magic as it converts the unordered list, along with the nested HTML structures into an interactive canvas.


Creating an entertaining space with a turn-table like areas is possible.


BIDEO.Js is a unique plugin that embeds video into your website. The video acts as a background, and this plugin gives you the complete control to manage the same.

No need to worry about the size of the video as it will automatically fit into the dimension of you page, completely. Moreover, when the browser window resizes, the video too will shrink to fit the size.


Although BIDEO.JS do not support any overlays, it is fairly straightforward just to embed the same within the plain HTML and CSS code.

5. FullPage.js Plugin

This plugin works just perfectly for for all the one-page scrolling websitesItes. The use is not restricted to only modern browsers as it supports running on IE 8 and even Opera 12.

FullPage.js Plugin

6. Drift

For adding the ‘zoom on hover’ effect, Drift is the perfect choice for any designer. The best part about Drift is that it is lightweight and without the dependence on Javascript.

Running the dist/Drift.js through Browserify will require you to add noParse to the Browserify config. Skipping this may result in Browserify attempting another Drift dependencies that are already inlined. It comes handy while developing the eCommerece website for displaying products in details.


Following the steps mentioned above the Drift is installed with no dependencies which allow you to work more freely and quickly.

7. SVG Arc Creator

SVG Arc Creator

Perhaps, one of the coolest animation plugin that suggests rendering/loading process. The usability may vary as it is possible to use it as a progress indicator or a loading spinner.

8. Timon

Timon is a jQuery Step Form Wizard that enables you with the combos of 21 distinctive along with eight transition effects. Timon offers validation, not only with the form but also in the titles and subtitles.


There are a predefined set of form sizes that comes handy. Also, there is a high possibility of creating and customizing the form as per your need.

9. Lobilist

The latest jQuery plugin for the to-do list is Lobilist. It allows you just to drag and drop the to-do lists along with the choice of colors.


The drag and drop list comes with different styles, ajax configuration, and multiple list support to name a few.

10. jQuery Image Carousel

By keeping the aspect ratio in place, this plugin lets you scale the images to the appropriate height and width. While working with the Image Carousel, it is crucial to maintaining the aspect ratio.

jQuery Image Carousel

But here is where the jQuery Image Carousel comes to play – it automatically scales the image to fit the slider. The auto-scaling of the image makes the page implementation really simple.

Written by Shahid Abbasi: Shahid Abbasi is a big time tech geek working with one of the top android app development companies, Peerbits. He has a proven efficiency over designing the enhanced UI/UX for websites and mobile apps. Moreover, he likes to share his knowledge over a series of technical blogs to make himself more resourceful globally. Over the weekends, he transforms himself into become an awesome cook.