Beautiful Photograph of Indonesia By Dr. Sayid Budi

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In this post we can see some wonderful photographs of some places in Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali) was captured with beautiful which are the works of photographer Doc. Budie.

How To Open PDF File From Flash using Fscommand

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In this post I want to share who we can open the psf file in separate window from you flash application with fscommand

Creative And Smart Ideas of Advertising For Inspirations

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We can see how the creative designers must convey a message to their target audiences, target market their client or manufacturer of a product, so the their ads may attract the attention of viewers.

69 Stunning Examples of Photographer’s Portfolios Websites For Inspirations

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69 websites of photographer / photography for inspiration to create your stunning photography's portfolio website or as photography's inspirations for your next design.

Design Simple and Elegant Business Web Template in Photoshop

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Tutorial web design with basic steps in designing a business website in Photoshop, a simple layout but elegant design.

6 Affordable Ways to Create Stand-Out Business Card

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Business Cards are often seen as the first impression of a business. So today, Kendra Gaines have created a list of ways to take your business card project from ‘standard’ to ‘stand-out.’

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