10 Multi-Functional Business Cards

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Business cards are pretty much essential for any working stiff these days. The business cards has a job to do, it politely informs the recipient of your name and company info. Not only do they accomplish the primary task of providing information, these cards all have a fun or functional second job.

4 Tips for Designers Suffering from a Lack of Inspiration

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Creative types know that inspiration is an important part of the creative process. As a writer, I'm always aware of my levels of inspiration, so it's difficult for me, sometimes, when I lose my inspiration. My friends who are involved in the visual arts tell me the same thing!

Icons Land – Cool and Customized Icons For Your Next Projects

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It's very important to create icon set that match with your web project or other design projects. If you have a company or groups but you have no idea how to make the icon, don’t be afraid. One of the recommended sites for designing your icons is through Icons-land, beside ready made icons or stock icons they also offering custom icons.

3 Must-Do’s When Creating an Identity System!

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In this ever-expanding world of business and entrepreneurship having an identity that is eye-catching is essential to success. Not just understanding what client company do, but who they are and what they are trying to communicate to their target market.

A Basic Guide to Underwater Photography

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Underwater photography can be highly rewarding and provides even complete beginners with the opportunity to capture some remarkable shots. But in order to make the most of these unique photo opportunities and take the perfect underwater picture, it’s essential to understand how underwater photography differs from its dry land counterpart.

40 Tutorials Poster Design to Improve Your Skill and Creativity

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Posters or plaques are works of art or graphic design which includes the composition drawing on paper and letters are large. Posters can be a means of advertising, education, propaganda, and decorations. Besides it can also be copies of famous artworks. Here are 40 tutorials poster design to enhance your design abilities and creativity.

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