The Impressive Cinematic Photography For Your Inspiration

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In cinematic photography we can feel the emotion of the picture (happy, sad, love, or fear) and also feel the atmosphere that existed from the photo. In this post I want to take you to the fascinating experience of the cinematic photography.

30 Inspirational, Minimalist Business Cards

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Minimalist business cards tend to have a beautiful, modern & stylish flair. The formula to a beautiful minimalist business cards is getting the typography, layout and material right.

19 Fresh and Quality Photo-Manipulation Tutorials in Photoshop | Update

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In this post we can learn photo manipulation in photoshop from 19 fresh and quality tutorials, to improve our skills and of course are not only in photo manipulation but also to use in other design projects.

Promoting Products with Sticker Printing

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Placing advertisements on electronic media is one of the most popular. However, not all companies have ability to finance advertisements on mass media because sometimes, it is too expensive. There is popular method applied by some companies, especially they who have limited budget, which is sticker printing.

30 Inspirations of Fabulous Photo Manipulation

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Evolving of arts was exceptional, one of inside the current digital era is a photo manipulation, a collaboration of photography and graphic design. Photo Manipulation is one of ways to express themselves, ideas and creativity.

Comparing WordPress and Joomla

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When you become interested in starting up your own web site, you are likely to browse through some of the many content management systems available on the internet; these are commonly known as CMS. Two of the most popular CMS services include WordPress and Joomla. This article will offer a comparison between the two systems to help you decide which may be better suited for your needs.

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