Flash AS3: How to Play External Musics Automatically and Random

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In this post I want to share code for Play external musics by automatically and random in Flash using Actionscript 3. The code are simple, to implement only need to create new folder for music files in project folder, naming the files by sequentially. so you can use the code for your projects.

The Value of an Artist’s Notebook

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Some people say the art of physical media is vanishing. Artists are learning to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator before they learn to pick up a pencil and a pad of paper. Soon, there will be no pen, pencil, or paper.

How Simple Can Be Powerful

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Even if custom design and printing options seem endless, remember nothing surpasses the power of simplicity. Sometimes we get so caught up in maximizing all of our design choices - colors, fonts, images, logos, bling, bling, bling - that we forget the simple messages that we are trying to convey: contact me, please come, thank you, congratulations.

37 The Best and Coolest Free WordPress Themes 2011

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Have a theme that suits your blog arguably tricky, a lot of options out there but not all qualified. Quality not only from the good looking side but also must be qualified in terms of code, navigation, and also easy to update and upgrade to match to your blog or website, personal or corporate.

Be Creative or Be Downgraded

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Whether you studied design at a design school, a community college, or an online university doesn't really matter much. What matters most when it comes to getting your foot in the door at a sought-after design firm is the brand you create for yourself.

Making your message meaningful

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Creating an eye-catching design is important whether you’re a business owner advertising a sale, a family offering a reward for a lost pet, or a neighborhood group inviting participants to an alley clean-up.

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