23 Letterhead Design Inspirations

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Good letterhead design and also other design of stationeries set is essential to attract the attention and impression of your readers, especially on first contact, in order to provide good corporate image and creates confidence of the reader.

5 Jobs Requiring Advanced Workstations

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The average computer today is 20 times more powerful than the technology required to send a man to the moon. While most us don't need any more power than this, some people have highly technical jobs demanding powerhouse computers to accomplish their tasks.

20 Canvas Print Ideas for a Room Make Over

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Planning to have a total room make over? Better think again. Redoing your room may require you to repaint, buy new furniture, de-clutter and add more decorations. In other words, you need time, money and a well-thought plan.

4 Spooky Films to Get Designers out of a Creative Slump

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As a graphic designer it's your job to have your creative juices flowing at all times. But realistically every now and then the well may run dry. To get rid of a creative slump, experts typically suggest listening to some inspirational music, reading a design-friendly magazine, or better yet watch movies that can stimulate the mind and bring forth creativity.

Let Your Business Cards Shout!

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Business cards can say anything you want them to—literally. When there are so many options available, why wouldn’t you spend time on your design to make sure it’s telling your story?

Tips to Increase Your Sales Through an Effective Website Design

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As your website is a direct reflection of you and your business, you should give top priority to it if you are a serious Internet entrepreneur. The success of your online business is highly dependent on its design.

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