Resources Which Prove To Be Beneficial To The Web Designers

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With the ever changing and evolving world of web design and development, just a nice design is not enough, it is essential to add in other extensions resources in order to enhance a websites design and functionality. Many times it has been seen that the paths of both designers and the developers cross many times when coming up with a proper site with all the aspects working together. There are several tools which can be used to enhance the design and the functionality of the site.

20 Artistic and Captivating Book Cover Designs for Your Reading Pleasure

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Book covers are important in building the character and overall package of the items. The design can convince bookworms or fans to grab their own copy and learn what it has for them. This is why authors and artists would oftentimes collaborate to make a bestseller.

30 Free Business Card Templates to Download

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Business cards are freelancers best friend. If you don't have the experience to design your own business cards, or need to save some time or money, templates can be a great option for you. In this post we'll feature 30 business card templates. All of these templates are already sized to the standard business card size in 300 dpi and CMYK color space, they are totally free and ready to print, just put your data on it.

5 Essential WordPress Widgets and Plugins That Every Small Business Needs

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If you own a small business and have dealt with online marketing tools in the past, then you are probably very familiar with several of the plugins and widgets that are available to help make your blog or website gain more hits each day.

5 Website to Help You Find WordPress Themes

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Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform that help us to setup website or personal blog easily. Finding the right premium WordPress theme can be a time consuming process. There are dozens of premium theme development companies and countless independent designers. In this post, I will share with you 5 website that you can use to find wordpress themes. Some of them come with sophisticated features and advanced search filtering system.

Google – I Will Not play by Your Rules

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“If you go against Google, you go against God” – this was a piece of advice I received from my fellow marketers when I was using my rhetoric on them, quite vainly though and asking them to join the Crusade against Google. But somehow because of some noises in the background (at least this is what I think so), the entire argument was lost on them. In fact, it is unnerving to see that everyone around is spinelessly accepting whatever Google is rolling out. Rather than putting a brave face, most of internet marketers shamelessly advocate whatever Google is saying, disregarding the obvious fact that Google is just trying to increase its profit and wants to be the big brother of the Web by unashamedly promoting its own service.

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