The Power of Abstract Imagery in Design

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Abstract imagery exists either as an abstraction of an actual object, or it functions on a completely different plane, totally untethered to real world visual references. Both forms of abstract art exist in design and abstract art within the realm of design holds an untold amount of power. By nature, abstract images are more difficult to understand right out of the gate than their more concrete cousins—fortunately, this allows for a tremendous advantage in the world of design. A successful abstract image might be used for a website header, the background for a mobile phone app, the meat of a concert flyer or function in any other way the designer imagines. In this article we’ll discuss the cutting edge nature of abstract imagery in design, its freedom from limitation, the way it appeals to emotion and how it bypasses our distracted human nature.

Humanize Your Digital World: A Gallery Of The Best Web Mascots

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As consumers become ever more reliant on digital media, companies are recognizing the importance of humanizing their brands to engage customers better. Appealing web mascots provide a recognizable “face” that helps consumers engage and creates stronger brand identity to keep consumers coming back.

20 Ridiculously Detailed Photo Manipulation Graphic Designs

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Photo manipulation is the process of combining the art of photography and graphic design in trying to make a realistic view of an unrealistic situation or picture. This involves combining different sets of photos, extracting different elements from different photos, the use of different brushes, effects, and combining all these into a single picture in creating a certain mood or image that the artist wants.

Snap Happy: How to Become a Freelance Photographer

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Becoming a freelance photographer is a dream for many. You will get both students and graduates competing for the job. The idea of traveling around the world, attending events and meeting different people is a dream comes true. As you know, being a freelance photographer is not as easy as it seems, you need to get used of rejections, it requires a lot of energy and also it requires someone who is hardworking. Therefore, if you want to get started, here are some tips that you would like to follow

Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes by Michael Cho

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Alleys are the behind-the-scenes part of cities. Sometimes dark and threatening, sometimes gritty and damaged, but also sometimes strangely peaceful. Whatever their character, that back-to-front character requires that the traveler along an alley make a deliberate choice. They are the urban version of the road less traveled. In this sketchbook, Michael Cho has made that choice, to explore, practice his art and to document the back alleys and less-traveled parts of Toronto. Design Your Business Cards Today

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