Why META Tags Matter in WordPress

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You know what META tags are, and you’ve probably seen them scattered about, whether on a WordPress blog (some webmasters don’t mind posting the words) as well as the empty fields within WordPress that ask you for META tags. Years ago, (and still today) META tags were introduced for HTML programming, and were inserted in the heading of an HTML document. These META tags told the Internet search bots what the site was about, along with a page title, description and heading text.

The Sweet-Scape: Ten Tips for Photographing Desserts

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As a good practical lesson, for one week shoot everything you eat just before you eat it, whether in a restaurant or somebody's kitchen. This primes the pump and introduces you to food photography challenges. If you'd like to try this special form of photography, here are some considerations; and randomly sprinkled among them will be 10 tips regarding dessert photography.

A Photog’s Worst Nightmare: What To Do When You Lose Your Digital Photos

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Data loss can be a real nightmare for people who make a living off of their photos. If a writer loses a story he just wrote, maybe he misses a deadline. A photographer has to deal with missed deadlines, as well as the cost and humiliation of bringing models back. You can't guarantee capturing the same magic you did the first time around. Freezing moments of life in time, and putting them on disk, is the kind of task that relies on your equipment working the first time.

Top 7 Best Useful Tips For Infographics About HTML5

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If you are on the lookout for resources that are easily comprehensible and want your clients to learn about the functionality HTML5 web technology in an interesting way, then these variety of info graphics are precisely what you need! HTML5 is creating huge waves and is causing a metamorphosis in the web and mobile world. So educate your clients with these top7 info graphics that will give you all the facts and figures without the techie jargon.

Print Your Own Custom Holiday Cards

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With the holidays coming quickly, you’re probably thinking about all the folks you’d like to send your holiday cards off to… You want to make a lasting impression, and let your loved ones know that you truly care with a card that really goes beyond the ordinary. This means custom holiday cards – with you unique images and messaging

The Color Blue in Web Design

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Blue is a calming colour that is associated with terms like peace, truth, honesty, stability, confidence and wisdom. It is often found in nature as it’s the color of the sky, sea and mountains. And what about web design? Why do we see so many blue websites in different niches?

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