Six Totally Original Infographics

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There has been an unprecedented explosion of infographics in recent years. Many are confusing, cluttered and boring. Do not despair. Here are five cool infographics that use a combination of interesting colors, bold graphics and good storytelling to communicate their message.

Top 5 Notions of Effective Software Development

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Software development is a collection of software programs which when used effectively creates endless possibilities of data processing and management. Every year the government spends thousands of dollars on software development projects. The success of an effective software development project depends on excellent software engineering and management skills. To avoid failure, engineers must get equipped with proven methods of processing.

Tips To Make Web Designing A Fulfilling Venture

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For a designer, there are several issues to deal with when it comes to successful accomplishment of the projects and satisfying the clients. What factors to consider and what factors to ignore during a web design process? Only experts’ guide can help in that regard. In the lines below, 10 steps would be described to help web designers dealing with multiple projects while making the process healthier.

Social Networks for Artists and Designers

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If you’re an artist or designer, you have more social network options than just Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong; Pinterest is a great avenue for sharing and posting your work. However, there’s also a bevy of other possibilities where you might thrive (or be the big fish in a smaller pond). Check out these art-driven sites.

Best ‘Free’ Magento extensions released in 2013

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With- Nike, Blu dot, The North Face, Vizio, Olympus, Papyrus, Cort and a lot many leading brands having their eCommerce sites built on Magento, we’re well aware of its prowess. Available in three separate editions- Enterprise, Go and Community, where each one is designed for specific reasons, this eBay property, whose fame spreads far and wide, tops the list of eCommerce platforms. Apart from this, Magento has a fabulous store in place- Magento Connect, that has over 5,000 extensions including some of the finest ones on the web.

Why to Choose Magento Facebook App for Your Business?

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The strategy of selling products via Facebook page is heightening day-by-day and it is inevitable for most businesses. There is nothing wrong with the idea as it gives the businesses a potential opportunity to tap the database of 5 million customers worldwide on a social platform. The idea of social shopping via internet triggers the sales of most business; in fact takes it beyond imagination on most occasions.

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