What the Digital Age has to Offer Today’s Starving Artist

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In the past, artists had to rely solely on gallery sales, art fairs and good word of mouth to help them sell their pieces. Although this worked well for artists who gained a large fan base, it was extremely difficult for people who were still trying to break into the art world. Fortunately, the digital age has dramatically changed the way that people look for art. For example, it is now possible to sell a print to a buyer in another country who has never seen your work in person. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, however, you must fully embrace every aspect of online selling.

3 Categories Of Flawed Websites: Solutions To Enhance Website Conversions

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With improved search experience of the users, it has become hard to find websites carrying serious blunders or the ones that are totally spam. It happens sometimes that unpredictable clicking lets you land at the desired web page, but that doesn’t happen in most of the cases. A website can be made sticky many ways; however, every webmaster should check for the following basic design elements to make the website flawless for the end users.

The Best New Tools For Web Design and Development

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Web design and development has changed in a big way over the years from the days when web pages were coded HTML pages to date where scripts run the show. The following are some of best tools with good representation for modern web development.

The Most Impressive Online Tool to Identify Fonts

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Nowadays, you may have to come at the great type of site which helps you so much in identify the specific font design. Therefore, you will always recognize about the font type and even the font design by using this great tool from the new tool website. So, make a guess for the font design will be just easy and even you don’t have to make a false analysis about the front type that you choose.

How Web Design Reinforces Your Company’s Branding

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Every brand must consider its image and look across all platforms and areas. It's almost a requirement these days for a company to have a website, and if you're going to be living in the online space, you would be wise to make it dynamic and appealing. Just because you might be leaving your comfort zone doesn't mean that you should begin to betray your brand identity. Rather, you should find ways to expand your brand to incorporate more opportunities.

Designers at the Brink of War!

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If you see a bunch of users sitting in an isolated room using various designing tools on separate operating systems, you can easily guess that it’s a design agency. But in the world of today where design industry has become a war zone, things have become quite difficult to run a successful design agency, because, when one gets to know the basics, he/she thinks that a design can be easily carved out according to the project briefs provided by the clients...

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