Top Magento Alternatives

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Small and medium size online businesses are the main seeking alternatives to Magento and great news to such business is that the New Year (2013) listed many great Magento alternatives. The following are top Magento alternatives (2013) that are currently being used for eCommerce website development.

Cartoony Graphics – What Makes Them Appealing?

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Design choices are always really tough. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what works and what doesn't work. That is because what works for one person may not work for another. When a design job falls into the lap of a designer, they need to get as much information as possible from their client before they begin the designing process. This just makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

UX and Magento: The Perfect Pair for your eCommerce Website

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It’s not enough that businesses in this day and age put up a website to raise awareness for their brands and sell their products. Every competent entrepreneur already has one. To have a competitive edge, a company needs to understand the concept of user experience, and apply it using the right tools such as Magento.

The Need for Image Gallery Plugins on WordPress

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WordPress, with no doubt is considered as the only and only ultimate CMS to construct a blog amazingly. In addition to being an absolute blogging platform, WordPress also comes with some unique and utile features that make any site look appealing. However, there is one specific feature on WordPress that matters more with the appearance or look of the website. It is nothing but the way in which images and videos are shown-off. There are a lot number of WordPress plugins and extensions available on the market, which plays a vital role in building the structure of your website or blog.

Responsive Web Design – Best of

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Everywhere we look, an electronic display is not far from our field of vision. From the touch sensitive surface of our mobile phone, to the billions of web pages that we see on our computer's screen every day, everything we see has been carefully designed. Responsive web design, commonly abbreviated to RWD, is all about how we see things. Here's a guide to Responsive Web Design, and the best principles and aspects of its sphere.

Why Your Business Needs Customized Web Solutions

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Today's world is one where anyone with a computer and an internet can potentially reach millions of people online for free using site creation services like Webs, Wordpress and Blogger. These services provide free templates, hosting, and tools to build content. Why, then, should a business bother to pay for customized solutions?

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