Why Your Source Code Matters – SEO Audit Tips

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Many of the SEO experts are unaware about this crucial fact that SEO audit includes analyzing source codes which play a significant role in performance of the site. Developing and modifying the code is used to be the part of developers job but with the new reaches of SEO tools they come down to the pocket of bona-fide Search Engine Optimizers. A sagacious SEO audit includes the modification and implementation of various tags, scripts, etc., which affects the result of Search Engines at a very big level. Now-a-days, many interfaces like Wordpress or Joomla has manifested themselves in a way allowing the SEO experts to do the required changes in the source code easily.

Choosing the Right Art Brush

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Being an artist myself, the same goes for picking the right tools for your project. Without the right brush, you could end up with a completely different vision than what you pictured. However, if you’re a new painter, all of the different types of brushes may seem a bit intimidating. How do you know which brush is right for the type of project you want to complete? And why are there different prices for the same brush? Luckily for you, I have suggestions and tips for your future painting, and to get the exact style and vision of what you want.

Reasons Behind Responsive Web Designing And Targeting The Mobile Audience

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Past, present, future, what’s the most alarming word for the web world? It’s the future. Because of the continuously advancing technology, web designers, web developers, and SEOs have to keep an eye on the future and any advancements coming in the future. What are the changes reshaping the IT industry? The most significant one is the trend of using Smartphones and other mobile devices to access internet. This trend is the proof of technological revolution and is affecting greatly the web designers to follow some responsive approach for website creation.

Top Magento Extensions for Better Ecommerce Sales

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Magento is an expert open-source e-commerce solution that offers dealers control the look, substance and functionality of their online stores. Magento is an extremely effective tool offering adaptability for the admin. Its benefits are various and its unique template is free in light of the fact that it is open-source. Be that as it may, assuming that you wish to acquire add-ons, extensions, or plugins then you will pay. You have the ability to alter the source code and add things to it yourself, yet unless you know a cycle about programming, you will purchase the code packed inside a plugin, extension or add-ons. Here is the list of Magento extensions which would bring betterment to your ecommerce store.

The Most Stellar Out-of-this-World Space Pictures

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We humans have always been a curious race, ever looking into the unknown to unlock the secrets of life, the universe, and everything. To discover what hidden things lie outside the immediate scope of our senses, we apply science to arrive at theories and facts. To find meaning that resonates with us, however, we look at these discoveries through the lens of art.

Things to Avoid While Redesigning Websites

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More money is wasted on bad redesigns than is lost through not keeping your old design, and this rule does not just go for website redesigns. It also goes for product and brand redesigns. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if the website you are redesigning really needs a redesign, as it is not often the website that is at fault. It is often the website marketing or website branding that is at fault.

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