Switching from HDD to SSD Servers – Does It Worth Your Investments?

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There are many aspects to take into consideration, when shopping around for an ideal web hosting solution, especially when it comes to launching a dynamically growing, data- and traffic-intensive business projects. Needless to say that a hard drive type of a server should be one of your top priorities as it is not just a data storage facility, but actually the cornerstone ensuring top-notch, fast performance and reliability of your entire online business venture.

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels in 2013

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Since companies first started moving away from traditional marketing methods and embracing online and digital marketing, the potential of the digital platform to transform a company’s fortunes has been evident. Clever marketing campaigns, comprehensive and well-built websites and consistent email promotions can all help to get you brand name out their and drive more business to your company’s door.

Infographic: Responsive Design “Getting It Right “

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Design trends change faster than couture fashion and more than often stay on the rack for less than a season. But with billions of Internet-users basing their purchase decisions on what they see and hear on the broadest and fastest mass medium, the need for responsive design is more urgent than ever.

Tips to Photograph Stars like a Pro

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When the sun goes down, the beautiful night sky lights up with millions and zillions of stars spread all across the night sky shining and twinkling. You just feel like capturing the tiny things, don’t you? Well if not in reality, you can capture them in a frame for life by using a camera. Now, most of us are not professionals, so how do we take perfect pictures of the gorgeous night sky? Amazingly wide-angle and good quality pictures of the night sky can be taken by almost anyone who has a camera with single lens reflex 35 mm usual film or a digital cameras that are easily available. This method of capturing the star-filled night sky is called Astrophotography. Let’s take a look at some of the tips to photograph the night sky like a professional.

Flat Design: How to Create It?

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A flat design is not a new concept, but it is starting to become very popular as a web design at the moment, as some people have created very nice flat design examples. Google the term “flat website design” to see a few examples of what people have done. If you are good at it then you may create very stylish and good looking web designs. If you are not so good at it, then you end up creating cheap looking web designs. Here are a few tips they can use to create your own.

PHP : An Exemplary Platform for Developing Dynamic Web Applications

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PHP – an abbreviation for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and earlier meant for Personal Home Page till its 3.0 version loomed in the IT world. It is basically, an open source server side programming and scripting language offering web developers a lot of instruments for web customization and developing.

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