Smoke on the Water: Tips for Shooting Smoke Like a Pro

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There’s something about smoke that is just so... cool. The way it moves through the air of its own volition, seemingly with a mind of its own. The way the light catches the particles, creating body transparent, translucent, and opaque. It could be argued that this is part of the appeal of cigarette smoking—the image of a person leaning against the wall, a cigarette slack between the first two fingers, with smoke trailing, wisping into nothingness.

4 Keys to Marketing Your Art Online

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Effective online marketing is a must for any aspiring artist today. The Art business can be especially tricky when it comes to marketing because so much is based on perception. People perceive certain work as having greater value often because of the name attached to it or what the “experts” say about it. In other words, the best way to market your art online is to enhance your profile online.

Should You or Should You Not Claim Your Authorship Markup?

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Staying anonymous on the web has its own set of advantages but in order to give your online presence a shot in the arm, you need to get out of your closet and show the world your identity. Even search engine giant – Google wants it too. So, welcome to the world of authorship markup where you get rewarded in the form of a search snippet with your image for writing awesome articles.

What You Should Know When Doing a Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography is one of the most popular types of photography, since there is no need to prepare the environment, studio or model. It is especially true, if you are traveling a lot or just living in a picturesque area with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and so on around. But residing in such an area is not everything you need: landscape photography is more of a preparation and luck. So, if you are going to make some fascinating shots of wild nature, I have some useful tips to share and help you create really amazing photos.

7 Basic Marketing Rules for Freelance Web Designers

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Its likely that as a freelancer you dread the marketing part of your job. Convincing people to buy your design products, resources or services isn’t your cup of tea. If you’re just starting out, it may feel downright imposing to be telling people in an enthusiastic tone „Hey! This is me! You’ll want to give me your money once you get to know what I do!” And you’d be right. We all have an underlying belief regarding loud, flashy advertising of any kind.

35 Music Website Designs that Rock

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What does music mean to you? Does it take an important place in your life? What music genre do you prefer? Do you ever leave your house without a player full of your favorite rhythms? Do you often sing in a shower? Oh, sorry, we were not going to violate your privacy, so this question can be left without an answer. To make a long story short, our blog post contains 35 absolutely classy music website designs we’ve managed to find on the web. They were gathered for your inspiration. Who knows, maybe you’re going to create a zingy design for music site and don’t know what to begin with… Start with this article and it will be a good beginning, we promise you that!

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