37 The Best and Coolest Free WordPress Themes 2011

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Have a theme that suits your blog arguably tricky, a lot of options out there but not all qualified. Quality not only from the good looking side but also must be qualified in terms of code, navigation, and also easy to update and upgrade to match to your blog or website, personal or corporate.

Buying a premium wordpress theme may be a good choice, but that does not mean that free is not qualified. Especially for those of you who are just starting your blog, free wordpress theme is a good start.

In this post I have selected 37 new free wordpress theme are cool and the best in 2011, worth to see and download, before using them you should read again the use of his license because not all the included license for commercial usage.

1. Splendio


demo | download

2. Blog-O-Folio


demo | download

3. WestWard WordPress Theme


demo | download

4. WordPress Anniversary Theme


demo |download

5. Blossomsoft


demo | download

6. Calenotis


demo | download

7. TheProton


demo | download

8. Bintang


demo | download

9. Bright Sky


demo | download

10. Dimenzion


demo | download

11. Cakifo


demo | download

12. Photoria


demo | download

13. Hatoris Mag


demo | download

14. Lutetiumness


demo | download

15. Lanthanumness


demo | download

16. Ocenolis Magazine


demo | download

17. NuBlu


demo | download

18. Zoro San


demo | download

19. Academica


demo | download

20. Blogum


demo | download

21. Ceres Theme


demo | download

22. Graphite


demo | download

23. MartiCorp


demo | download

24. Mixture


demo | download

25. Catopolis


demo | download

26. Satoshi


demo | download

27. Yoko


demo | download

28. Minimatica


demo | download

29. Beauty and Clean


demo | download

30. Newspress


demo | download

31. Obscure


demo | download

32. Grenda


demo | download

33. Cupid


demo | download

34. Spectacular


demo | download

35. Odin Thor


demo | download

36. Elegant


demo | download

37. BizPress


demo | download

Need the Premium? here are 8 selection of cool premium wordpress themes for you.



demo | download



demo | download

Big City


demo | download



demo | download

Poser Ink A


demo | download



demo | download



demo | download



demo | download

They cool hah? I’m happy if you’re enjoy this post and liked some of those themes above. Smile

Written by fandy

a web and graphic designer whose love art and design and like to share knowledge, resources and inspirations. English not my mother language so don't blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it. If love my work, you can support me and follow me on Twitter

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UnderWorld Magazines July 19, 2011,16:39

Great find! cheers

Igor Ovsyannykov July 19, 2011,19:50

Great collection, so many awesome themes!

Heather July 20, 2011,00:12

Um a lot of these aren’t actually free. Maybe you should reword your blog post/title :D In fact, you must have known they weren’t free since you threw in some referral links on the ThemeForest themes.

37 The Best and Coolest Free WordPress Themes 2011 | Artfans Design | Wordpress Blogs | Scoop.it July 20, 2011,02:02

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fandy July 20, 2011,08:48

Thank you all :)

@Heather : why not, it’s have fit the title “37 free wordpress themes”, the premium was only an additional choice. If anyone wants premium themes, I provide several options chosen selectively

Adriana Marinica July 20, 2011,17:12

Some of these themes are actually pretty awesome :) I just love the Anniversary theme from WordPress :D

Yuyak.com » [2011年夏] WordPressテーマまとめのまとめ August 6, 2011,23:21

[...] 37 The Best and Coolest Free WordPress Themes 2011 | Artfans Design 2011年版、無料で使えるクールなWordPressテーマ37選。 [...]

ali hidir August 13, 2011,04:57

thanks.very good.

Rahul Chowdhury August 14, 2011,18:51

Hey thanks for the themes man, these are really great, here’s some more to add, http://funtainment.in/2011/08/19-fresh-professional-elegant-wordpress-theme-for-free/

Jonathan August 17, 2011,22:55

Very cool collection if simple yet beautiful WordPress themes. I really like it when its simple and attractive.

Craig Pennings August 25, 2011,10:29

Love these, great for design inspiration. :)

James September 18, 2011,13:20

Really great and inspirational themes. thanks for having it!

Shekhar Mehta September 18, 2011,15:54

Thanks for sharing all these excellent collection of themes. There is one nice theme at http://www.fmys.com that is bluemoon you can include that theme in this list.

Taylor Garbutt September 20, 2011,07:24

Great collection of themes! I really appreciated #6 since it sent me to http://www.simplewpthemes.com which had tons of great themes. Thanks!!!

Alps September 21, 2011,03:53

May I please suggest Ask It by elegant themes … btw among the ones listed, just go for satoshi, if you want a fast website…

vishal patel October 1, 2011,22:48

ya such good….thanx!!!!!!!!

dambovita October 13, 2011,21:48

you put a few nice themes in your list. thanks

Yusuf October 24, 2011,05:38

Amazing collection….Thanks for posting

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Free vs Paid WordPress Themes | Simple Method | WordPress Training and Support November 18, 2011,01:57

[...] For a neat listing of varied free themes check out this post: http://www.artfans.info/37-the-best-and-coolest-free-wordpress-themes-2011 [...]

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John McEntyre November 30, 2011,08:59

Thanks so much for this post. I have been looking for a single theme that I could use for my blog and you have my head spinning with options now. Great picks man!


Solai Luke December 1, 2011,06:12

This is a important post! Appreciate your that! Along with best regards Luke aka couchgool.

Cheryl December 14, 2011,10:20

Umm, these themes rock the PANTS off of the ones I’ve found elsewhere. Haven’t seen Beauty & Clean yet – LOVE it! Nice work :)

Sam M December 17, 2011,20:45

Wow, wonderful wordpress themes.

sharewithusin December 20, 2011,07:51

these are really very helpful thank you for the best content

Imraan December 27, 2011,23:05

very nice collection. I have downloaded most of them. Thank you.

Serena January 28, 2012,12:54

Hmmm these are not all free, nice list but a little misleading!

    fandy January 28, 2012,19:58

    @Serena, Thank you… :)
    Why it you think misleading? as the title “37 free” for the other premium themes are only as addon/bonus

atomiku February 21, 2012,04:22

Corr, great collection of themes. Many thanks!

Mj March 1, 2012,23:52

Thanks for the themes

jimmie March 7, 2012,07:05

so many nice themes..thanks for your share!!

ashley March 19, 2012,17:53

I also found a very nice wordpress theme at http://theme-tribe.com/mangyan. I’ve downloaded it and its cool. the support is also great even its free.

Dishant March 27, 2012,13:54

awesoome themes ….
thxs alot admin …. :-)

lyrici April 1, 2012,01:24

Thanks for this wonderful list i am searching for fast loading less queries theme any one knows can you please give me the link thanks

Ginger Benefits April 11, 2012,22:58

wow, nice collection. thank you very much

Kevin T. April 26, 2012,10:28

Good list Fandy. People, Fandy took the time create this list, no need to bash him cause of some affiliate links in the bottom portion of his list. But I guess you can’t please everyone. Good on ya Mate!

Kevin T. April 26, 2012,10:47

Hey, my comment is blank! Ah well. Good job Fandy.

Mustified April 28, 2012,14:27

Nice share fandy!!

Cindy May 3, 2012,20:59

Great list of themes! With some plugins and a flexible theme editor ( I use Lubith ), you can easily generate look-alike designs, and add modifications of your own. I never use pre-designed themes without making adjustments to them, I try to personalize them as much as I can.

Russel May 20, 2012,19:12

Pls consider some of our Awesome themes at bodegazine on your next WordPress Theme Collection post! Thanks!

wordpress designer May 21, 2012,15:09

Great collection. This is useful list of themes. Buying a premium wordpress theme may be a good choice, but that does not mean that free is not qualified. Thanks for this sharing.

Sheri June 9, 2012,18:17

Great collection here. Thanks for sharing! How

Izdelava Strani July 10, 2012,12:34

Great list, even if it’s from 2011. Thanks!

Hafeez Ansari August 4, 2012,23:20

coool. very nice themes. Thank you for sharing.

paysitessuck August 16, 2012,18:52

“Obscure” is now a premium theme, not free.

Charlie August 26, 2012,07:08

I noticed the topic on this says free, but some of these themes take you to themeforest and are not free. It’s very misleading, and false advertisement. I wonder if sites like yours do this, 1 to earn a referral, and 2 to get high google rankings. Either way, 1 I am reporting you for false advertisement and 2 I am reporting you to google for possible page ranking violations and asking for the removal of your site from Google if I keep clicking on this site and the themes are not free.

    fandy August 26, 2012,07:42

    Hi Charlie, that you read the carefully?
    The sentence after the 37th theme is “Need the Premium? here are 8 selection of cool premium wordpress themes for you.”
    That mean I just want to give you all some option for good premium instead free.
    On the date I write this post the 37 themes are free as the title “37 the best….” instead “45 free”

    Thank you for stopping by and appreciate my time to create this post

Manley August 31, 2012,03:56

I just started on WordPress and I love your suggestions! They truly are some of the best!

MAHDI مهدی September 7, 2012,18:43

تشکر خیلی خوب بود

Website Designing in Guwahati October 5, 2012,22:20

Your collection of free wordpress themes are great. Thanks for plublishing this great post!

DENY KURNIAWAN October 17, 2012,17:15




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