avatarArtfan is a site dedicated to the creative aspects of Web and Graphic Design. Within you will find some freebies design include the source in several format and anything archives to simplify your web and graphic design production process. And of course my recent and past web design projects, as well as my online resume and contact information.

My name Arfandi S. Hutasuhut. Merited and living in West Java, Indonesia.

I have experience in various software development projects in Netway Utama, PT.,  iBAR Sistem Solusi, PT., and Knowment AIE – Plasmedia, as Graphic and Web Designer. Also experiences in  animation Flash application, movie editing, video director, art director, photography as freelancer in several web projects.

My design philosophy is that websites should be a delicate balancing act between text and visual elements. I like websites that are simple, informative and accessible to all, but also attractive and elegant.

My online activity and community, you can find me at deviantart, facebook, Twitter.