About Chi

Chi is a visual artist who enjoys reading about poetry, abstract expressionism, photography, and design. She blogs about some of those things at http://artroommelody.com.

Be Creative or Be Downgraded

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Whether you studied design at a design school, a community college, or an online university doesn't really matter much. What matters most when it comes to getting your foot in the door at a sought-after design firm is the brand you create for yourself.

Making your message meaningful

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Creating an eye-catching design is important whether you’re a business owner advertising a sale, a family offering a reward for a lost pet, or a neighborhood group inviting participants to an alley clean-up.

Using Vehicle Wraps to Your Advertising Advantage

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Vehicle wraps seem to be the way to go when advertising. Your message travels all over town – or across state lines and borders if you’re traveling.

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