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Roxanne is a writer who loves to share ideas on photography, art, and fashion. She graduated with a degree on Communication Arts and plans to learn more about her chosen field. She occasionally shares ideas on business and printing like online poster printing . When not at work, she spends time reading novels or watching great films and television series.

20 Artistic and Captivating Book Cover Designs for Your Reading Pleasure

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Book covers are important in building the character and overall package of the items. The design can convince bookworms or fans to grab their own copy and learn what it has for them. This is why authors and artists would oftentimes collaborate to make a bestseller.

The Beauty of Fashion Photography: 20 Creative and Stylish Photo Artworks

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Photography can be considered as one of the famous and well-loved form of art that can be done by anyone. With just the right subject and the perfect click on the camera, a photo can already be produced that would capture a moment worth keeping. Aside from being a way to express art, photography has become a hobby, passion, and inspiration for many to showcase their talent in bringing to life what they could take a shot of. It has even been adopted by various industries to further explain their message, like the fashion world that has built what is now known as fashion photography.

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