The Beauty of Fashion Photography: 20 Creative and Stylish Photo Artworks

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Photography can be considered as one of the famous and well-loved form of art that can be done by anyone. With just the right subject and the perfect click on the camera, a photo can already be produced that would capture a moment worth keeping. Aside from being a way to express art, photography has become a hobby, passion, and inspiration for many to showcase their talent in bringing to life what they could take a shot of. It has even been adopted by various industries to further explain their message, like the fashion world that has built what is now known as fashion photography.

Design Inspiration: How to move beyond the limits of computers

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A natural inspiration can deliver the best in designing a website. For many designers, the CSS galleries can serve the haven, but finding a source beyond the CSS galleries is a great task. It may be discouraging when you find that ideas are not flowing; but forcing an idea also may not serve the purpose. There is a host of resources serving as design inspirations when you can view beyond the computers. Even though these do not come up instantly, you can be more than happy to find one suited to your requirement. All you need is to have the insight. The following resources can serve, when dwelling at a fruitful one for your web design.

Extreme Home Makeovers With Simple Pop Art Portraits!

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Are you considering giving your home a new makeover? Do you love colors and personalized adornments on your walls rather than the usual photo frames and pictures? Then, pop art portraits are the direction to head towards to! Everyone wishes to make their homes resemble their individual character and persona. This wish has indeed come to life for many people by using pop art portraits that have enabled them to express themselves and decorate their homes with portraits of things that have captured their attention and caused a change in their life.

Print Ready Business Card Design with Custom Lettering

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While you can reach for a basic template for a business card, ideally you can control every detail on your own using software like Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, we walk you through a process for building a print-ready business card from scratch. You can take the tools we will give you and go a lot further, but these simple techniques are critical for customization of your design for business card printing. One of the specific areas we will focus on is building letters from scratch using simple shapes. We will also show you how to take any font you want and customize it, but that process has some drawbacks, as we'll point out.

Find Inspiration in Your Favorite Cartoon

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The colorful world of the cartoon - a place of imagination for children to help them learn numbers, letters, manners, and even just how to play with others. Cartoons are great for kids, but no self-respecting adult would ever watch a cartoon (not unless it was Family Guy or South Park). Cartoons are for kids, how could they possibly teach an adult anything?

Japanese Poster Design and the Films of Studio Ghibli

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Japanese poster art is has a distinct look and many western appreciators (it is claimed by some that the Japanese poster tradition is fundamentally different because it didn’t grow as a tool for selling products). In the following gallery, I’ve collected examples of poster art for the films of Studio Ghibli – an animated film studio that has become famous in the west. The ‘Ghibli style’ is itself distinct in Japanese animation, despite being arrived at by different directors and character designers.

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