A Showcase of creative headers in web design


A header in web design is the most important part of your website. Sitting on every page, it is the first thing visitors notice and is known as the face of your design. A creative and imaginative header has the ability to attract attention and returning visitors. This is a fantastic way to really draw people in and encourage them to read more of your content.

Inspiration and Resources for Responsive Web Design


In this post I invite to see more about web design responsive, in this post I show some examples of websites that could be the inspiration, and few other resources such as frameworks, tools, plug-ins as well as tutorials and article that can help us to create a web design that is responsive and of course great website.

20 Examples of Bokeh in Fashion Photography


Bokeh involves adjusting the focus of a camera lense in order to achieve a clear image contrasting against a blurred background. This art is often used in every field of photography, but most effectively in fashion and food photography.

37 Examples of Striking Brochures to Attract Attention


There’s a reason why the brochure design should look different, unique, or even bizarre, both in terms of coloring, typography, shape, size, purpose is to seek attention. For any business a well-designed brochure printing will be a good marketing tool as well.

Make a Halloween Theme In Your Logo


Halloween is always interesting and fun, giving the theme of Halloween on your logo will be very interesting, giving the impression of a fun, not stiff and certainly attract attention.

37 Cool And Interesting Shots of Over-Underwater Photography


Over-under photography or known also as splits overwater and underwater, are half of photos above water and half under water. You can find 37 inspirating photograph of over-underwater photography in this post

21 Cartoon Business Cards That Are Too Cute for Words


Looking for a way to make your business cards stand out? You can never go wrong with going for the cute route. Tickle your clients’ eyes and hearts by using adorably cute cartoon business cards!

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