10 Creative Typography-Based Posters

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A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but words can be just as lovely, unique, and eye-catching. Typographic art isn’t anything new, but it’s been getting incredibly popular lately. Pretty posters with typography have been popping up everywhere—most of these posters are for art’s sake, but some of them are being used as exciting marketing tools.

Top 10 Most Addictive Websites

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We often find ourselves stumbling upon memorable websites that are our main source of entertainment for a considerable amount of time. Sometimes the more interactive and intuitive the website is, the more personalised we feel it is. Below are a list of 10 websites that are definitely worth checking out and experiencing.

How Apple Has Revolutionized Design In The Tech Industry

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Apple Computers is often criticized for its lack of originality and innovation, its critics asserting that much of its technology has been stolen or copied from other companies. Though this is an argument that will likely never be resolved, what is true is Apple has revolutionized the expectations of consumers when it comes to technology and applied innovation. How did Apple accomplish this? Here are four illustrations.

Marketing Lesson’s from Steve Jobs that Everyone Should Know

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Steve Jobs is best known as a marketing genius and as a co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple. Apple wasn't always the most successful company, but Steve Jobs was able to turn things around to eventually make it one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. While he left Apple to create Pixar, Apple wasn't seeing growth as they had anticipated and when Steve decided to return, he was able to completely change up how the company works and their marketing strategies, which ultimately is the reason behind Apple's success. We can all learn from some of his marketing strategies and how he made his companies so successful, so let's take a quick look at some lessons to be learned.

30 Creative Neon Light Designs

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With this hipster world’s affinity with bringing back en vogue quirky trends from decades past, neon art has recently become one of many items transported back from the 80s. Be it chic bars, stylish lofts, or shops, renditions of neon lights have become urban art-piece staples yet again.

Best to Be Well-Armed When Going For a Portfolio Review

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All members of the design fraternity, photographer’s designers and illustrators must have a good portfolio. It’s essential when you want to attract new clients or change jobs. A review of your portfolio can be a very traumatic part of your career. Sometimes it’s tough to accept criticism with reference to your work. Thus it is important to comprehend how to accept a review and also give an excellent one.

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