27 Stunning Print Designs and Unusual Paper Projects

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Check out this fantastic showcase of design ideas, ranging from cleverly interactive to simply beautiful these paper projects will get your creative juices flowing! You will find stunning creatures, transforming pieces, entertaining concepts and contemporary approaches in this collection!

10 Free Awesome Icon Sets For Your Next Design

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A icon not just small graphic, they have big function on your web or apps designs in order to help user to navigate. Good icons can be replaced the text based interface. By this post I have collected 10 sets of nice and beautiful icons worth for your icon collection to help you designing beautiful websites and applications or even get inspiration. They are free to use, but however please read carefully the license on each pages.

One of the Best Art Galleries That You Could Find on the Internet

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There are many things that could become your interest these days. You could enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing or camping. You could also enjoy sports as your interest. Art is another thing that is commonly found to be interest for someone. If you love art and you love to see artworks such as paintings or sculptures, then you must love to visit art galleries.

15 Awesome Websites with Scrollspy Navigation to Get Your Inspiration

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A new web design feature is now available that brings us out from the traditional way of viewing content from a website that takes us from one page to another in order to view the web page content. The Scrollspy Navigation is an intuitive feature of web designing that allows a website visitor to view each page of a site without the need to leave the current page they are viewing. The Scrollspy navigation feature allows a website visitor to scroll down the screen in order to view each separate page and the scroll menu highlights the page to guide the user in knowing what page they are now viewing. If you are one of the webmasters who wants to give a try of building a website that is optimized with a Scrollspy navigation feature, here are some 15 awesome websites that use this kind of web design where you can draw some inspiration.

The Most Stellar Out-of-this-World Space Pictures

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We humans have always been a curious race, ever looking into the unknown to unlock the secrets of life, the universe, and everything. To discover what hidden things lie outside the immediate scope of our senses, we apply science to arrive at theories and facts. To find meaning that resonates with us, however, we look at these discoveries through the lens of art.

Hit With Your Best Shot: 7 Effective Ways to Rock Out Those Concert Photos

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The world of music is a great source for photography opportunities. The spotlight, the crowd, the smoke, and the darkness all come into play to create striking, evocative shots. And it doesn’t hurt that the lead members of most bands are exceptionally attractive people, as well.

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