Business Cards Can Do Wonders

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Yes, they can. Those tiny bits of paper can set your business soaring in no time when created the right way and handed to the right prospects. There are a few tricks you can do to get your business cards to work for you and bring in the money.

Back to Basics: The Impact of Brochures on Your Business

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Although there is the undeniable shift towards online channels and practices to bolster a business’ marketing campaign, we can still rely on some traditional “offline” marketing methods that produce good results even in today’s digital world. One such method is using brochures. A good brochure is packed with enough information about the business to give its readers a good idea of what the company does without overwhelming them with too much textual and visual data. It is also well designed to highlight the strengths of a brand including a sample of its best products/services.

Catalog Printing You Can Trust

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It can be difficult to get quality catalog printing done at an affordable price. Many people are cautious in today’s e-commerce world to get into print marketing, especially with catalogs. Let’s take a look at exactly why catalog printing matters.

10 Commandments on How to Make an Art Portfolio

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Art encourages uniqueness and creativity from a person in developing his or her work. However, once students apply to schools in hopes of turning their passion into livelihood, they will be forced to present their art portfolio a particular way. There are no rules when it comes to making art, but there are practices that must be observed and followed on how to make an art portfolio. This is to help you get the best education out there and accelerate your growth as full-fledged artists. By maximizing your art portfolio, you get the opportunity to learn and be taught by the best artists in your respective fields.

20 Example of Square Business Cards Designs to Inspire You

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In addition to using a standard size business card with common design there are many ways to attract people's attention, maybe one of is you could consider using a square card design or mini cards with maybe half the size of its general. By using square card design would probably make it look more unique, with a good design will surely be a great promotional tool more than the usual business cards. Not only that, it means more environmentally friendly due to less use of paper.

The Advantages of Metal Business Cards

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Handing out business cards may, perhaps, be the most casual means of business promotion. But in the life of busy executives, and the countless people you meet during the day in a seemingly endless stream of meetings and random interactions, it’s not unusual to dig through a pocketful of business cards with little memory of which face to attach to what card. This is where unique and well-designed business cards come to play. It’s simply meant to stand out in a crowd. But with most individuals setting their sights on making their business cards just as unique, perhaps it’s time to take your business card game to the next level. Why not go metal?

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