Top 6 Website Trends to Rule 2014 – Make Your Page Pop for the Up and Coming Party

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To celebrate the World Wide Web’s 21st birthday coming up in 2014, we come armed with balloons, party poppers and all things colourful – the perfect ingredients to make your site ‘pop’. Many websites, unfortunately, are still caught up in their teen years and lacking something a little more tasteful. If this sounds like you, it’s time to jump on board with the fun and embrace some radical trends set to rule, and possibly take over, 2014. Let’s make this 21st a one to remember!

35 Music Website Designs that Rock

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What does music mean to you? Does it take an important place in your life? What music genre do you prefer? Do you ever leave your house without a player full of your favorite rhythms? Do you often sing in a shower? Oh, sorry, we were not going to violate your privacy, so this question can be left without an answer. To make a long story short, our blog post contains 35 absolutely classy music website designs we’ve managed to find on the web. They were gathered for your inspiration. Who knows, maybe you’re going to create a zingy design for music site and don’t know what to begin with… Start with this article and it will be a good beginning, we promise you that!

7 Elements of a Well-Crafted Website

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There are certain characteristics that make or break a website. Most are obvious – you can look at a website and know instantaneously whether its appearance is good or not. Some elements however are less apparent and their importance can easily be overlooked, but it’s the package as a whole that turns an average looking website into something spectacular that works.

Infographic: Responsive Design “Getting It Right “

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Design trends change faster than couture fashion and more than often stay on the rack for less than a season. But with billions of Internet-users basing their purchase decisions on what they see and hear on the broadest and fastest mass medium, the need for responsive design is more urgent than ever.

Flat Design: How to Create It?

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A flat design is not a new concept, but it is starting to become very popular as a web design at the moment, as some people have created very nice flat design examples. Google the term “flat website design” to see a few examples of what people have done. If you are good at it then you may create very stylish and good looking web designs. If you are not so good at it, then you end up creating cheap looking web designs. Here are a few tips they can use to create your own.

Zero Bundle: The Only Free Bundle of Design Goodies

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It called Zero Bundle simply because it zero of cost in other word it is free. The bundle is a set of awesome resources with many icons, fonts, graphic elements, vectors and much more that useful for your design projects because the bundle set can be used for personal and commercial but you can not be redistribute. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for hundreds of beautiful icons and more, so download today.

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