The Need for Image Gallery Plugins on WordPress

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WordPress, with no doubt is considered as the only and only ultimate CMS to construct a blog amazingly. In addition to being an absolute blogging platform, WordPress also comes with some unique and utile features that make any site look appealing. However, there is one specific feature on WordPress that matters more with the appearance or look of the website. It is nothing but the way in which images and videos are shown-off. There are a lot number of WordPress plugins and extensions available on the market, which plays a vital role in building the structure of your website or blog.

Top 10 Firefox Addons For Web Developers And Designers

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Mozilla Firefox internet browser has a definite upper hand over other web browsers owing to its excellent range of add-ons. Firefox has made tracking errors and optimization of webpagesan extremely hassle free and less-time consuming task. Huge volumes of information can also be accessed with the help of Firefox add-ons. There are quite a few add-ons available for Firefox in the market, especially for web developers but we will single out the top 10 add-ons for web developers here.

10+ Best WordPress Tutorials of Aug 2012

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Having known to be a leading open source blogging platform, Wordpress is a dynamic content management system based on MySQL and PHP. The best thing with Wordpress is it comes with new things that makes your platform work better. In this article, you will get to know about few Wordpress tutorials which can be said the best.

10 Great WordPress SEO Plug-ins for Bloggers

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If you are the owner of a WordPress blog, you no doubt will have an idea about plug-ins and how they work. However this post will highlight specific WordPress SEO Plug-ins for blogs that are an absolute must if you want your voice to reach out to the world. Creating unique content is only half the part. The other half revolves around ensuring your work gets noticed, read and critiqued and this is precisely where SEO plug-ins can help you.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Designers and photographers

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WordPress is considered as one of the best online blogging platforms. It is very user-friendly and a simple tool. It can be really beneficial for the designers and the photographers. Photographers can show their portfolio using smart WordPress themes. These themes are primarily designed to show portfolio. Apart from themes, there are also so many unique features and functions for the photographers.

5 Essential WordPress Widgets and Plugins That Every Small Business Needs

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If you own a small business and have dealt with online marketing tools in the past, then you are probably very familiar with several of the plugins and widgets that are available to help make your blog or website gain more hits each day.

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