Technology has been a very big factor in the world. Technology transfer is so rapid that each day, huge amount of innovative electronic gadgets are being introduced to the world. These gadgets tend to outweigh the use of the basic paper and pen to be able to sketch out ideas.

Everything is possible thanks to technology. Using computers, laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, etc. everything is done easier. This article however, will tell you to go back to the way things were done before, get your pen and paper ready and do your design. This article would also point out some important tips on how to get started with effective sketching.


Below are some benefits of sketching in the design process

1. Sketching introduces you to new possibilities

Ideas about a project are always great the first time you encounter them, but once you analyze it, you’d come to see that it isn’t that great at all. To clearly explain, here is an example, if a person is trying to create a design or logo for a certain orange juice company, the first idea that would pop out of his head would be the most obvious ones like using an orange, making the color of the logo orange, or things that relate with orange. You may end up creating a logo that relates to an orange but the question is, how can you create a logo that signifies the company in an unusual yet understandable way?

When people try to sketch their ideas, they soon realize that the most obvious ideas are not that extravagant. They then replace or innovate further their ideas, therefore making it a stronger concept. The great thing about sketching is that you actually see what you are doing. In the case of the orange juice company, when one sketches out an orange, he then realizes that it is way too obvious, he then thinks of ways on how to make it look better and yet relate to the company. Innovative concepts all ways comes out when one thinks outside the box. Inspiration may come from sketches and it may be the one that would be worth a million dollars!


2. Sketching can be done anywhere inspiration meets you

Nowadays technology is so convenient that gadgets such as laptops and tablet PCs are portable. On the other hand, a sketchpad is more convenient since it can be taken anywhere and does not require wi-fi connections, repair and maintenance and most importantly battery.
Rural areas such as rivers, parks, waterfalls, springs, or any other recreational areas are great places to look for inspirations and new ideas. Without being concerned with technology, you can expose yourself to different environments and gather up design ideas.

3. Get to know your artistic side better

Almost everyone has got a hold of a pencil when they were growing up. Each and every time a child holds a pencil, he or she is then inspired to draw something he wants. By simply holding a pen or a pencil, a person will then start to yearn to draw something and his creativity would flow.
Sketching is a practical skill that can be developed and enhanced further. Once you get used to sketching, your drawing hand becomes much more fluid and sketching would become natural and an easy thing to do.


4. Develop, enhance and expose your skills

One important characteristic that a designer must have is that they must have various skills and expertise. By sketching, you develop and strengthen your abilities to present ideas artistically and naturally on paper.

Sketching can enhance your creativity and the way you think making you realize some artistic influences in your work and the work of other people.

5. Know why you’re designing

One of the most important yet implicit benefit of sketching is that it makes you relate with your work on a whole new perspective. In trying to figure out the best design that you want, you then develop a strong understanding of elements that concerns your design. Having a lot of knowledge and being competent with your designs and concepts will help you explain it eloquently to people especially your clients.