In online marketing business, selling and buying good products can only be done pleasingly if buyers and sellers use good market platform. When it comes to online marketing and shopping in India, OLX india is surely the next best thing. Since its first establishment in 2006, OLX has placed itself in the hearts of India’s online shoppers, customers and sellers as one of the biggest and best online marketing and classified ads platforms. Whenever someone needs to sell or buy products, rent services and even joining institutions or organizations in many areas in India, OLX provides both information and platform to immediately do transaction if he or she wishes to. This is a place where sellers and buyers can meet quickly and do transaction without many hassles and problems.


With its growing popularity, OLX India then attempted to reach more customers from more various backgrounds and areas by releasing its first TV ad series in 2011. To emphasize OLX main appeal as a complete online market platform for all purposes, the TV ad series portray several supposedly ‘real life’ situations in which the characters face various problems that can only be solved by selling or looking for certain products through OLX. All the ads emphasize how fast and easy to find buyers and sellers online through OLX India for almost all products imaginable, from vintage car to baby products and computer. The ad series have become big hits due to their hilarious quality as well as simple yet smart portrayal of OLX features and quality and quickly made OLX popular among viewers in India.

OLX India TV ad series use day-to-day settings and real like characters to show that OLX is easy to use by and open for anyone who has the account. True to its ad, OLX does easy to use; the signing up process to get account is quick and totally free, all the ads are classified by categories and prices complete with illustrations and account users are free to advertise their products or particular searches through social media accounts. Posting advertisement of any objects or services on the website is easy and also free. Plus, the ads show characters that use both laptop and mobile phone to do transactions, emphasizing another OLX website quality that can be accessed through both computer and mobile device. If you have difficulties in finding certain accessible products or services, you can also specific your product searching and advertising by using area-specified category.