Creative Website Imagery

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Using imagery on a website is a great way to capture the attention and imagination of your users. But use too much imagery or do so improperly, and those eyes are just as likely to flick back to Google. We’ve put together these tips – some innovative and new, some tried and true – for drawing those users right in.

10 Great WordPress SEO Plug-ins for Bloggers

Filed Under: Articles, Guest Post, Plug-in, Web Designs by Guest July 2, 2012


If you are the owner of a WordPress blog, you no doubt will have an idea about plug-ins and how they work. However this post will highlight specific WordPress SEO Plug-ins for blogs that are an absolute must if you want your voice to reach out to the world. Creating unique content is only half the part. The other half revolves around ensuring your work gets noticed, read and critiqued and this is precisely where SEO plug-ins can help you.

Use of CSS3 Tutorials for Making Attractive Website

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CSS3, which stands for Cascade Style Sheets, can be very useful in making your websites more attractive. You do not have to read tons of books, or learn a new programming language from the bottoms up. All you need is some CSS3 tutorials that will point out exactly what design elements in your website layout you can improve. CSS3 is useful for another reason, as well; besides making websites more attractive, it also makes them more functional.

What Your Business Card Says About You

Filed Under: Articles, Guest Post, Prints, Tip and Tutor by Guest June 30, 2012


A business card is the first contact many people will have with you and your company, and you only get one chance at making a good first impression. When you hand your card to someone have you ever stopped to consider what it says about you? Here are six important things to think about for your business card design.

15 Adorable Nursery Designs

Filed Under: Articles, Guest Post, Inspiration, Painting, Prints by Guest June 28, 2012


Today’s designer nurseries offer some great inspiration for the at-home designer. The design elements in these nurseries also offer fantastic inspiration for professional designers — whether they be interior designers, print artists, or web designers.

We scoured the web for some of our favorite nursery designs to inspire your own design plans or projects. Here are some of our picks for the best rooms for baby

Framing in Photography | 39 Examples of Gorgeous and Inspirational Photos

Filed Under: Articles, Inspiration, Photography by fandy June 26, 2012


One creative way to generate an attractive picture is the frame, but the frame here is not framed in terms of physically real. The frame here is part of the picture which refers to techniques that make your image’s objects acts as frame for your photo subject. With the aim of this technique can be directs and drawing attention, focused attention to the subject of your photo, even create a perspective and also add depth.

Paintings: Type of Brushes Used

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Paintings are something which is liked by everyone for one or the other reason, people use them for decorating home or office interiors or many people also paint fabrics for various purposes like clothes, cushion covers, table mats, etc. For doing these painting on any type of material, colors and brushes are required. Different colors make the paintings look better and enhance the beauty of the art. For doing these paintings, brushes play a very important role as without them it is very difficult to do any type of painting.

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