3 Keys To Choosing The Home Business That’s Right For You

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The thought of working at home makes some people terrified and as a result, many people shy away from this lucrative form of business. For starters, narrowing down to the business you want to engage yourself in is very crucial as this will determine what you will deal with as a business. However with the hard economic times and lack of jobs, many people are forced operate from home in order to make themselves self sufficient.

Eye Catching Luggage Tags Design

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Luggage tags. Probably one of the last things you are thinking about before you jet off for your well-earned holiday or weekend break. But with claims that 1 in 150 people have their baggage misdirected or lost, is that a risk you are willing to take with no visible identification on your baggage?

Reaching out to your Customers through Calendars

Filed Under: Articles, Inspiration, Prints, Tip and Tutor by fandy July 12, 2012


Calendar cards featuring holiday themes, culture, scenery, and other interesting photographs, with a unique design concept and of course very useful and interesting for them and they will greatly appreciate this gift throughout the year. That way you keep your contact information in front of your customers eyes and even reach out to new potential customers. In this post I like to show you some examples of calendar printing with unique, beautiful, attractive and ofcourse must useful. So, enjoy!

Up and Coming Web Design Trends in 2012

Filed Under: Articles, Guest Post, Tip and Tutor, Web Designs by Guest July 11, 2012


Nothing attracts visitors like a fresh website design. As the landscape of the Internet evolves, new trends in layout, style and accessibility are changing the way people consume information. These attention-grabbing design elements help to create websites that stand out from the crowd. The easier it is for users to interact with a site and find information, the more likely they are to come back. Adding stylistic touches enhances the experience, giving visitors something to tell their friends about, thereby spreading the word to a wider audience.

Five Inspirational Books Designers Should Read

Filed Under: Articles, Guest Post, Prints, Tip and Tutor by Guest July 9, 2012


Inspiration, that crucial spark that works as the catalyst for creativity, is a difficult thing to pin down. And if you could bottle it, you would be on track for making a fortune. Inspiration, or the lack of, is what every creative person fears the most. It’s the reason why writers can sit staring at a blank page, pen poised, for hours. It’s the bottleneck that can cause designers to bash their heads on keyboards in despair. But when it flows, there’s no stopping it. Inspiration is impossible to fake and can sometimes come from the strangest of sources – not always visual.

The Components of Clean Web Designing

Filed Under: Articles, Guest Post, Tip and Tutor, Web Designs by Penny Cooper July 8, 2012


Simple and clean web designs are an evergreen trend. There are some traits that are shared by all clean web designs. Here we will discuss these traits and the techniques that you can use to clean up your web page.

The 3 Essential Fundamentals of Designing a Successful Website

Filed Under: Articles, Guest Post, Tip and Tutor, Web Designs by Guest July 6, 2012


The internet is chock-a-block with different websites clamoring for the attention of their target audience. Forget about emerging as the leader, but even surviving in such cut throat competition is difficult. But, there are websites and online businesses that are actually thriving in such conditions and the credit for this should be given to their website design. Their designers have taken every care in the book to ensure that their designs attract a loyal stream of website visitors, which in turn ensures a successful online presence.

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