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  • Creating Album Covers With Photoshop

    Looking to stretch your skills you may be interested in learning more about different types of things. Lots of designers find inspiration from album art, and there are some helpful tutorials for learning more about creating your own album covers with Photoshop.

  • Designing forms that convert, 7 proven techniques

    Web forms are the stars of any respectable landing page though they’re often taken for granted. They receive all the personal information of your leads or buyers, so that you can start to move them down the sales funnel. Depending on how you design your web forms, you can expect greater or fewer conversions.

  • 250 Free Universal Icons Pack

    The current pack includes 250 universal icons, available in SVG file format. You can use these icons freely in your personal or commercial projects.

  • Top 25 Web Design Blogs For Web Designers

    Entering into the world of web design can be both thrilling and intimidating, especially for young designers. Even if you have the skills, knowledge, and training required for this type of career, sometimes, you’ll still feel overwhelmed whenever you get to participate in a project. To conquer this fear, gear yourself up with knowledge from a ton of blogs and online resources that are dedicated to web designers like you.

  • The designer’s guide to pixel hinting

    Pixel-perfect icons and typography stand out among the crowd online. Obviously we all want to strive for such refined work, but sometimes even after trying we still end up with something a little… less. Pixel Hinting is one of the skills that takes an automatic feature and improves upon its results. Despite the ultra high resolution of displays today—like Apple’s retina displays—we still need to “fake” smooth curves lest we end up with a pixelated <a href=""></a>

  • 25 Best Free WordPress Photography Themes

    WordPress is one word which the people in the web world keep coming across. If you are into the online business you certainly are well acquainted with WordPress themes. Well, lot many of you might not be already the part of web world but then planning to enter and make your presence online.

  • Apps to Watch: Boxer, Checkmark 2, Oyster and Others

    Apps to Watch is a weekly collection of the most beautiful and innovative mobile apps in the market. There are more apps coming to the market every single day but only a few will make the cut.

  • Give Your WordPress Site A Boost At A2 Hosting!

    WordPress website owners (and all website owners for that matter) should be concerned with the speed of their website.

  • What Women Want: Designing a Website for Females

    While some businesses are targeted just towards women, others choose to go unisex. Accordingly, web designers are coming up with web templates that either satiate the female taste or those that serve well for both genders.

  • Colorful Florsheim branded shoes for your dress .

    Buy men’s casual shoes, outfit shoes, ease and comfort shoes, fashion sneakers and all style of shoes accessory at PetesShoesonline. I obtained many shoes using this shop. here all time available different style of design along with latest along with fashionable sneakers brand. Florsheim adult men and son shoes enable every son walk his own way.

  • 10 Fresh Free Fonts For Graphic Designers

    Fresh free fonts are always in demand by typographers and graphic designers. And the good news is that new free fonts are released every week by generous typographers and font designers.

  • 10 Best Spring Break flyer templates

    To help you promote your Spring Brake parties here are 10 Best Spring Break flyer templates.

  • [Giveaway] Win $600 Coding Services By Markup Service

    We’re keeping the giveaways coming, and this time around we’re featuring $600 worth of coding services up for grabs, brought to you by, courtesy of

  • Top 20+ Pictures Showing Height of Laziness

    After spending vocation, we feel like doing nothing in the office and just sticking to the place where we are. And, it great idea comes in mind especially on Monday. There are many great examples available of laziness

  • 15 Young Designers to Follow in 2014

    Age is just a number. There are many young and talented designers who grew up with social media and digital products. These people are capable of finding new ways of solving world problems and innovating any product with their fresh and creative point of view.

  • Easy Accounting for Your Freelance Business

    In order to succeed as a freelancer, you need to have a solid understanding of incoming payments and outgoing expenses.

  • Best jQuery eBooks for Designers and Developers

    jQuery, as you all know is a cross-browser JavaScript library has been helping designers and developers over the years for now. Infact, it has come a long way in simplifying the process of scripting of HTML. The JavaScript library today is one great help for designers and developers. Drop down menus, drag and drop elements, animations and form validation are few examples that you can witness these days. All thanks to jQuery plugins!

  • 50 Fonts For Big Bold Headlines

    Here is more than 50 fonts that will give you some good options when creating stylish headlines. Few of these fonts you probably already have, few of them can be download for free, and others can be bought. Each font is linked to a page where it can be downloaded or purchased.

  • 5 Tips and Tricks to Get Yourself Motivated

    There are quite a few ways to raise your productivity, without overworking or stressing yourself out too much: it’s just a matter of raising your self-motivation. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

  • 21 free WordPress themes for March 2014

    Simple. That’s the commonality this month as dozens of new WordPress themes became available and many had a common thread. Judging by this group of themes, minimalistic styling and simple design are definitely in.

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Community News

    • Inspiring Sites of the Week No. 28

      Inspiring Sites of the Week is the weekly series where we feature the latest and hottest websites targeting the design world from around the globe.

    • Finding Blue Host Coupons

      Blue host is one of the most trusted web hosts in the world. With over two million customers a huge list of features, they can arguably be called the world’s best web host.

    • Digital Art and Landscapes of Binu Rojers

      Collection of landscapes and digital artworks from illustrator Binu Rojers

    • How to get started with SVG

      In the last few months, the buzz around SVG images has grown and grown. SVG has been around for years, but it’s only recently that it’s started to look like a real contender.The hype around SVG isn’t just some hipster trend, SVG completely solves issues that file formats like JPG completely fail to address.If you want to start using SVG, this article is for you. I’ll guide you through getting your SVG from Illustrator into HTML and then teach you to modify that image using CSS.

    • TUESDAY FONTS: Hipstelvetica, Glober and Ormont (free fonts)

      This time in TUESDAY FONTS we present to you another great three typographies: Hipstelvetica, Glober and Ormont and they are free fonts.


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