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  • Fresh Medieval Photoshop Text Effects & Free PS Graphic Style from! challenge themselves every day to bring all you creative professionals out there fresh, top notch design products to use in your projects. This time, they took text effects to a new level: strong textures, screaming colors in high contrasts, 3D dents effect with realistic scratches and cracks.

  • A web designers guide for adhering to ideal web design process

    Irrespective of what kind of website you design and apps you use, it is imperative to adhere to a web design process for creating and modifying client websites.

  • Freebie: Simple Portfolio Page (PSD)

    Today’s freebie is a simple and elegant portfolio page in PSD format. Images have an elegant frame for the background with a bit of bevel and emboss added to it.

  • Women s and Mothers day Special Free Vector

    We would like to present to you a really amazing collection of free download Lovely Women’s day vectors, collected from all over the web.

  • 15 Amazing pictures for Valentine´s day

    Here you have a list of 15 excellent hand picked free pictures for use in posters, cards, as inspiration or any valentine design you need.

  • How to design Wide Screen Laptop in Photoshop

    Very nice and informative Photoshop Tutorial, In this Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to design Wide Screen Laptop in Photoshop.

  • SEO for Web Developers Part 2

    Some experts say search only drives 30 percent of a website’s traffic.While that may seem insignificant, that 30 percent often makes up visitors who are looking for the products, services or information specific to your company so losing them could have a significant impact on how well an organization performs.

  • 35 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials

    In this article we’ll share some of the best Photoshop retouching tutorials that will improve your skills just by following the step-by-step guidelines or by watching the in depth video tutorials.

  • Free New Designers And Developers Icon Set!

    For those of you that had the chance to enjoy past great Iconshock freebies promoted trough our posts such as: “The Most Complete Android Style Icon Set: 15000 Icons”, and also for those of you that didn’t get a chance to get hold of them back then (wise up!…you can still get them!) here’s the new Designers and Developers Versatile 120 Icon Set from!

  • Now it’s Pretty Easy to Designing for Windows Phone 7 and Metro

    Windows Phone 7 devices propose smooth looks and smooth software. But mobile-phone buyers haven’t found them to be enough better than rivals to switch in big numbers. On the other hand Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 (WP7), brings in a fresh loom to content organization and a different UX, based on the Metro design language and principles that will be incorporated keen on Windows 8..

  • 140+ High-Quality Social and Glyph Icon Sets 2011

    You frequently can find them displayed in a conspicuous place in sidebars, headers and on the end of the posts.
    Today I`ve collected 143 different icon sets that you can download for free and use on your website.

  • 35 Tutorials of 3D Text Effects - Amaze your Visual Attraction

    3Dimensional design techniques always more tricky then others because there always we want details and perspective view, so in this roundup we have 3D text effect tutorials, more important for designers due to their popularity in website designing and print media designs. 3D text effect going to be more demanding especially when we have typography influence in the design market, everyone try to put high-quality in graphic designs and webpage designs for get client favoritism to get more projects..

  • 30 Image Gallery of jquery Tutorials to Be Professional

    JavaScript always ahead as coolest key to appeal your visitors and to show your latent clients your portfolio is the image sliders and image gallery, so this is an effort to share some useful jquery image gallery tutorials and jquery image slider tutorials, easy to use and learn about jquery image gallery precise techniques professionally create beautiful and stunning images for your websites and blogs, only few lines of codes you can showcase awe-inspiring image presentation to get more striking results.

  • 99designs Review & CrowdSPRING Review – The Comparison!

    Here’s a detailed comparison of 99designs review and crowdSPRING review. It displays the similarities and differences of these leading crowdsourcing companies.

  • 5 Signs to Redesign Your Corporate Logo – Timely Revamp!

    Redesigning corporate logos is not an easy task but here are 5 signs which indicate that your corporate logo needs to be revamped. Wrong Redesigning of ‘GAP logo’ and ‘BP logo’ are big examples.

  • Dynamic Website Solution PSD to WordPress Conversion

    WordPress has emerged as one of the best open source platform for content management systems especially for blogging. Although the launch of wordpress was initially done for an effective tool for writing blogs, it has now gained popularity

  • Simplified Microformats for Your WordPress Website

    Microfromats are frequently used for various website to make it more accassible and authetic. By using these open data, a website becomes user friendly and reliable.Today, many search engines use this application to get relevant website.

  • Be mine Valentines Wallpapers for iPhone 4S

    People decorate the world on Valentine’s Day. When we go out from our homes, then we can see that decoration of the shops, parks, stations, cars, hotels, offices, schools, colleges, universities, road, and banners. On internet people decorate websites with valentine’s day wallpapers, ads, videos, icons and others. Developers make apps for this day, you can see some apps from here. Therefore we are sharing nice and cool collection of wallpapers for iPhone..

  • Free vector download – Warrior skull

    Here we are at the beginning of a new week with new freshly made coffee mugs around us, exploring new and exciting art forms. Because Mondays are hard and make you feel like you are battling inner demons, we thought a warrior skull vector would be just fitting for the occasion. The design is yours with just a tweet and don’t forget that you can subscribe to our newsletter to know exactly when we are posting new stuff.

  • 30 Coffee Logo Inspirations – Warm Up Your Imagination!

    Here I am, all snuggled up on the couch sipping away at my cup of coffee and I wanted to share my love of coffee with my readers. So today’s post is all about warming up to the weather and I intend on getting you in this mood with two dozen creative coffee logo designs!

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Community News

    • Inspiring Sites of the Week No. 28

      Inspiring Sites of the Week is the weekly series where we feature the latest and hottest websites targeting the design world from around the globe.

    • Finding Blue Host Coupons

      Blue host is one of the most trusted web hosts in the world. With over two million customers a huge list of features, they can arguably be called the world’s best web host.

    • Digital Art and Landscapes of Binu Rojers

      Collection of landscapes and digital artworks from illustrator Binu Rojers

    • How to get started with SVG

      In the last few months, the buzz around SVG images has grown and grown. SVG has been around for years, but it’s only recently that it’s started to look like a real contender.The hype around SVG isn’t just some hipster trend, SVG completely solves issues that file formats like JPG completely fail to address.If you want to start using SVG, this article is for you. I’ll guide you through getting your SVG from Illustrator into HTML and then teach you to modify that image using CSS.

    • TUESDAY FONTS: Hipstelvetica, Glober and Ormont (free fonts)

      This time in TUESDAY FONTS we present to you another great three typographies: Hipstelvetica, Glober and Ormont and they are free fonts.


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