Inspiration from Architecture

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I’ve never been interested in architecture beyond the aesthetic, but then I realized that I was very interested in the look and feel of man-made structures. These buildings, bridges and arches are the footprint that our peers and ancestors have left upon the planet. What’s not inspiring about that?

The architecture of a website

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From the ancient of times, people have relied on architecture in order to create some of the most beautiful structures in the world. Slowly, the principles used in architecture have been transported in other fields as well, allowing people to develop and grow in the most amazing manner that is possible. When the Internet appeared for the first time, there were not a lot people who would have made the connection between “website” and “architecture”. However, things are quite different nowadays and those who take care of the designing and planning part when it comes to a website are genuine artists. Let’s see some words that connect the dots between architecture and website.

Architectural Photography: The Trending Art

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The art of shooting buildings is called architectural photography. Pictures of the interiors and exteriors of building are taken that highlight the building in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Shooting architecture is not an easy task. Buildings come in a whole range of sizes and shapes. It is essential for the photographer to capture the highlights of a building without distorting its appearance or leaving out vital details.

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