One of the Best Art Galleries That You Could Find on the Internet

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There are many things that could become your interest these days. You could enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing or camping. You could also enjoy sports as your interest. Art is another thing that is commonly found to be interest for someone. If you love art and you love to see artworks such as paintings or sculptures, then you must love to visit art galleries.

How to Yield a Large Turnout at Your Next Gallery Showing

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Art is still very much alive and well, and imagination and the desire to relate to others through creative expression are two things that can’t be taken over by the recent surge in technology. Art gallery showings, on the other hand, tend to be looked at with an apathetic attitude from the general public, and that can be frustrating and disappointing for any artist looking to showcase their hard work. It’s not impossible to reignite some enthusiasm for local art, and if you’re an artist who is tired of having a small audience, here are a few suggestions to help your next event have a larger turnout.

The Impact of Graphic Design on Our Everyday Lives

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If you were to ask someone to tell you how graphic design impacts them on a regular basis, most individuals won't even have an answer for you. In fact, you might not even know the effect it can have the world either. However, there really is a lot to uncover here. What exactly is the impact of graphic design on our everyday lives? Read on to find out :)

Social Networks for Artists and Designers

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If you’re an artist or designer, you have more social network options than just Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong; Pinterest is a great avenue for sharing and posting your work. However, there’s also a bevy of other possibilities where you might thrive (or be the big fish in a smaller pond). Check out these art-driven sites.

How To Frame And Mount Your Photographs And Artwork

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After you have selected the perfect piece of art it becomes imperative to select the right frame. After all, without the proper presentation, the piece will not be nearly as impressive in your home as it was when you pictured it in your mind. Therefore, you need to determine which options make the most sense for you. Keep in mind that the general decor of your house should be an important consideration at all times.

5 Iconic and Influential Paintings in History

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Every 100 years there is an event that defines a generation, for every event there is a defining piece of art that captures the moment in time. These frozen moments allow us to go back in time for inspiration, history or to simply appreciate what life was like back then. This defining art form for 70’s was the techno and disco, the 80’s brought us iconic figures of Madonna and the 90’s the grunge movement gave us a mix of contemporary art with traditional.

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