Five Inspirational Books Designers Should Read

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Inspiration, that crucial spark that works as the catalyst for creativity, is a difficult thing to pin down. And if you could bottle it, you would be on track for making a fortune. Inspiration, or the lack of, is what every creative person fears the most. It’s the reason why writers can sit staring at a blank page, pen poised, for hours. It’s the bottleneck that can cause designers to bash their heads on keyboards in despair. But when it flows, there’s no stopping it. Inspiration is impossible to fake and can sometimes come from the strangest of sources – not always visual.

20 Artistic and Captivating Book Cover Designs for Your Reading Pleasure

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Book covers are important in building the character and overall package of the items. The design can convince bookworms or fans to grab their own copy and learn what it has for them. This is why authors and artists would oftentimes collaborate to make a bestseller.

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