What does that colour mean?

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“What’s your favourite colour?” Ronnie asked out of the blue one day. Seven year-old-me was in a tizzy. We were at the swing set, swinging away in the golden afternoon sunlight. It made me consider how my favourite colour was going to influence our friendship in the years to come. Growing up, the concept of having a favourite colour seemed far more important than it turned out to be. That question hasn’t been put up to me in recent years, unless as a security measure for password recovery. Even so, we don’t put any voluntary thought into realising what our favourite colour is in our prosaic existence.

Understanding the Basics of Color Processing

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The print industry normally subscribes to two main color models in order to achieve a particular design’s chrome requirements. These models include the Subtractive Color Models, and the Additive Color Models. In comparison, Subtractive Color Models employ reflective light, whereas Additive Color Models opt for projective light, hence the latter’s wider or more exhaustive color gamut during color creation. Under the subtractive principle, the Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) four color processing is the most widely used.

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