Resources to Help You Understanding And Mastering CSS3

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Many interesting features that can be implemented with the version 3 of CSS. Although only the latest browsers / modern that supports CSS3 effect today. But that does not mean we can not have fun with this version. In post you can find good resources to help you improve your css knowledge and skill.

Best Tutorials to Learn Creating Awesome Navigation Menu Using CSS3

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In this post we can get learn to create nice look and useful navigation menus using CSS3

43 Tutorial Sites to Start Learning Web Design

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If you want to start learning web design and development any time soon, you can start from these high quality resources.

Transparent PNG fix

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Transparent PNG images have been always been a great tease to web designers. But, in Internet Explorer the image background may appear to be gray rather than transparent. […]

Min-Height for Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer will ignore “min-height” attribute. Here is a quick CSS fix to get the min-height property to work in Internet Explorer : […]

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