9 Tips for Managing and Running Your Business Effectively

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It is not unknown that most of the highly successful people have shared their traits which include tenacity, vision, luck, hard work and being business savvy. It is often heard that people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, have “Midas touch” as they seem to be able to turn the majority of their business into successes.

Why HTML5 is the Future of Mobile Gaming

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Gaming is big business. Each year, billions of dollars change hands between developers, publishers and end users who consume interactive content on consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Of all these platform types, mobile is seen as the area where the most growth will happen. As the world gets deeper into its love affair with iPhones, Androids and Windows Mobile devices, the demand for games on these platforms also surges.

PHP : An Exemplary Platform for Developing Dynamic Web Applications

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PHP – an abbreviation for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and earlier meant for Personal Home Page till its 3.0 version loomed in the IT world. It is basically, an open source server side programming and scripting language offering web developers a lot of instruments for web customization and developing.

Top 10 Coding Editor Every Developer Should Use

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Coding is an important task and the coding software tools play a vital role in the code development process. With many such tools available in the market today, it becomes easy for all the code designers to come up with an efficient coding. However not every tool is designed to be so perfect and easy to use. Only few are doing well. You have so many examples for bad software. Dreamweaver is one of the greatest examples for a bad coding software tool. You will be irritated to work with it. It will take too much of time and efforts from you to work on it. Therefore, you have to be very cautious when selecting good coding software.

Drupal and Apache Solr

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Drupal’s standard search works for minor to average size websites. The standard search does not need any server specifications and it is easy to setup. For larger sites with more sophisticated and advanced searches, The Core search will not do. A great idea is to combine Drupal’s core search with Solr to incorporate faceted searches and specific search options. Apache Solr offers extension and strengthened execution over the original Drupal search.

Why Your Source Code Matters – SEO Audit Tips

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Many of the SEO experts are unaware about this crucial fact that SEO audit includes analyzing source codes which play a significant role in performance of the site. Developing and modifying the code is used to be the part of developers job but with the new reaches of SEO tools they come down to the pocket of bona-fide Search Engine Optimizers. A sagacious SEO audit includes the modification and implementation of various tags, scripts, etc., which affects the result of Search Engines at a very big level. Now-a-days, many interfaces like Wordpress or Joomla has manifested themselves in a way allowing the SEO experts to do the required changes in the source code easily.

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