‘Get The Money’ And Other Key Factors Before Website Launch

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You have designed your website and the CMS works; your content is in place and your client is satisfied. So now you have to launch the website. Right? Wrong. When you are about to launch a website, you may have overlooked several details in your pre-launch excitement and it would do you good to check all elements of your website and give the final touches before you show it to your client.

Mobile Flash Failure And What it Means for Adobe Flash Designers

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Mobile Flash had been marked for death since the day Steve Jobs refused to support it on the iPhone. With the Cupertino giant's back turned towards it, Mobile Flash had very little chance of surviving. And while Android did support Mobile Flash, the fact is that the mobile version of this popular technology simply did not work well on smartphones. As a consequence, Adobe has decided not to work anymore on Mobile Flash. Mobile Flash is dead.

The Best New Tools For Web Design and Development

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Web design and development has changed in a big way over the years from the days when web pages were coded HTML pages to date where scripts run the show. The following are some of best tools with good representation for modern web development.

Everyone Can Easily Build a Website With IM Creator

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People usually will trust their website project to expert since they are not sure about any coding for building website. However, with IM Creator people nowadays are able to design their own website without having to have proper understanding about code and something like that for sure.

Signs That You’re Working with a Bad WordPress Developer

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While judging a WordPress developer you should always be peculiar about certain points. A bad WordPress developer always gives you signs by which you can make out how bad he is. You should be smart enough to actually understand those signs. Don’t wait for too long as that might cause you a problem.

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