Drupal and Apache Solr

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Drupal’s standard search works for minor to average size websites. The standard search does not need any server specifications and it is easy to setup. For larger sites with more sophisticated and advanced searches, The Core search will not do. A great idea is to combine Drupal’s core search with Solr to incorporate faceted searches and specific search options. Apache Solr offers extension and strengthened execution over the original Drupal search.

Is Drupal the Best eCommerce Solution for SMEs?

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Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) and most popularly used as a web design platform. It provides a lot of modules and themes that allows Drupal developers to develop all kinds of websites. However, when it comes to eCommerce solution development it is not ranked as popular in usage. This is due to many other platforms that have been built specifically for eCommerce solutions and most online businesses tend to use them only. They think that since they were purposely built for eCommerce platform they are more optimized for it than others like Drupal for which eCommerce was an afterthought. Some people think that Drupal cannot be good enough for eCommerce and it might be lacking in functionality. Such assumptions have led many to overlook Drupal’s potential as the best eCommerce solution especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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