Top Magento Alternatives

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Small and medium size online businesses are the main seeking alternatives to Magento and great news to such business is that the New Year (2013) listed many great Magento alternatives. The following are top Magento alternatives (2013) that are currently being used for eCommerce website development.

UX and Magento: The Perfect Pair for your eCommerce Website

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It’s not enough that businesses in this day and age put up a website to raise awareness for their brands and sell their products. Every competent entrepreneur already has one. To have a competitive edge, a company needs to understand the concept of user experience, and apply it using the right tools such as Magento.

Best ‘Free’ Magento extensions released in 2013

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With- Nike, Blu dot, The North Face, Vizio, Olympus, Papyrus, Cort and a lot many leading brands having their eCommerce sites built on Magento, we’re well aware of its prowess. Available in three separate editions- Enterprise, Go and Community, where each one is designed for specific reasons, this eBay property, whose fame spreads far and wide, tops the list of eCommerce platforms. Apart from this, Magento has a fabulous store in place- Magento Connect, that has over 5,000 extensions including some of the finest ones on the web.

Why to Choose Magento Facebook App for Your Business?

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The strategy of selling products via Facebook page is heightening day-by-day and it is inevitable for most businesses. There is nothing wrong with the idea as it gives the businesses a potential opportunity to tap the database of 5 million customers worldwide on a social platform. The idea of social shopping via internet triggers the sales of most business; in fact takes it beyond imagination on most occasions.

5 Reasons Why One-step-checkout Brings Revenue to Ecommerce Business

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Shopping cart abandonment is not an exotic term to people who are into the business of ecommerce. It is one of the often-times happening phenomena experienced by most Magento ecommerce owners. Most ecommerce businesses are striving hard to keep away from this persisting cart abandonment woes to maximize benefits and increase revenues. Regardless of huge volume of traffic created toward the site, a poor shopping cart design with unimpressive features would spoil your entire online business in no time. Hence, it becomes necessary to learn the tricks and trades of shopping cart abandonment and how to stop customers practicing it. Well, the exponential growth of Magento and Internet technology has paved way for formulating new extensions and one such powerful extension capable of sweeping away the shopping cart abandonment sufferings is One-Step-Checkout.

Enhancing eCommerce Software

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As long as a business owner has made a solid and sound choice in his eCommerce software, many of his needs and requirements are most likely already covered by the software. There are instances, however, when business owners would prefer more control and flexibility over their existing set up and would like the opportunity to create a more streamlined experience when controlling their online store.

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