10 APIs That All Web Developers Should Know About

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The Internet has really become a conglomeration of technology thanks to the advent of application programming interfaces (APIs). It seems as if everything we need has been put together in a very convenient way. Thanks to the ability to work numerous applications at a single time, it eliminates having to click through a variety of applications that may serve different purposes.

Google – I Will Not play by Your Rules

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“If you go against Google, you go against God” – this was a piece of advice I received from my fellow marketers when I was using my rhetoric on them, quite vainly though and asking them to join the Crusade against Google. But somehow because of some noises in the background (at least this is what I think so), the entire argument was lost on them. In fact, it is unnerving to see that everyone around is spinelessly accepting whatever Google is rolling out. Rather than putting a brave face, most of internet marketers shamelessly advocate whatever Google is saying, disregarding the obvious fact that Google is just trying to increase its profit and wants to be the big brother of the Web by unashamedly promoting its own service.

The Google Image – Brand and Functionality

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Google is at the top of the food chain and they’re doing it in style. Not to leave out, of course, functionality. I guess when you’re the biggest search engine in the entire world, it’s only fair that you give it back to the users. The Google user interface have slowly, but consistently changed throughout time. And somehow most of us don’t even realize how much it has improved over the years.

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