Call To Action Page Design Mistakes That Can Make a Convict

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Congrats, the design looks impressive and yours greatness as a designer is quite obvious. But wait, what about the Call to action page. It does not look that much awesome and if I am not wrong, the wow effect is conspicuously missing here.

Signs That You’re Working with a Bad WordPress Developer

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While judging a WordPress developer you should always be peculiar about certain points. A bad WordPress developer always gives you signs by which you can make out how bad he is. You should be smart enough to actually understand those signs. Don’t wait for too long as that might cause you a problem.

How to Make Your ‘Good’ Photograph, a ‘Great’ One

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There are a number of software's available that facilitate photo editing. Pictures can be enhanced with a multitude of effects to get the desired look. There is a lot of room for experimentation and the features provided by these software's make the possibilities limitless. Some the most commonly used techniques used while editing pictures are discussed below.

5 Tips & Tricks For Customer Delight In Software Development

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More than the aspect of ‘Client satisfaction’, ‘Customer delight’ is the one that can bring you reliable business for future supported by a strong customer reference structure. Here are five constructive tips and tricks for delighting your clients in Custom Software Development.

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