5 Iconic and Influential Paintings in History

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Every 100 years there is an event that defines a generation, for every event there is a defining piece of art that captures the moment in time. These frozen moments allow us to go back in time for inspiration, history or to simply appreciate what life was like back then. This defining art form for 70’s was the techno and disco, the 80’s brought us iconic figures of Madonna and the 90’s the grunge movement gave us a mix of contemporary art with traditional.

A Brief History of Typography

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Most people do not think much about typefaces (often referred to as “fonts”) on a daily basis. They do not consider the differences between the different typefaces, let alone the reason for those differences or the history of how they came to be the way they are today. But for designers, these details are both interesting and informative. This article details a brief history of how typography has evolved into what it is today.

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