Why HTML5 is the Future of Mobile Gaming

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Gaming is big business. Each year, billions of dollars change hands between developers, publishers and end users who consume interactive content on consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Of all these platform types, mobile is seen as the area where the most growth will happen. As the world gets deeper into its love affair with iPhones, Androids and Windows Mobile devices, the demand for games on these platforms also surges.

Slide and Glide across the Web Page with HTML Sliders

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Things have changed and have changed for the good. The web is no longer a boring place with static websites and boring texts. JQuery and HTML5 are the game changer here as they are adding more excitement to the web by helping designers creating websites that do not only inform us rather they are interacting with us and exciting us in hundreds of ways.

Top 7 Best Useful Tips For Infographics About HTML5

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If you are on the lookout for resources that are easily comprehensible and want your clients to learn about the functionality HTML5 web technology in an interesting way, then these variety of info graphics are precisely what you need! HTML5 is creating huge waves and is causing a metamorphosis in the web and mobile world. So educate your clients with these top7 info graphics that will give you all the facts and figures without the techie jargon.

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