Infographic: 5 Myths about Customer Service

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Customer service is one of the main factors that influence the buying decision of the customer. In our Magento infographics we will show the secret triggers to success and point out the important moments, which are neglected by the majority of Magento store owners. Make sure you have not been taken in by one of customer service myths and have a look at our infographics below.

How to Create a Successful Online Business in 2015 – Guide and Infographic

Articles, Tip and Tutor| – a leading ecommerce news, views and advice blog has recently published an informative and useful article along with a comprehensive infographic on creating a successful online business in 2015.

Infographic: Responsive Design “Getting It Right “

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Design trends change faster than couture fashion and more than often stay on the rack for less than a season. But with billions of Internet-users basing their purchase decisions on what they see and hear on the broadest and fastest mass medium, the need for responsive design is more urgent than ever.

Why We Should Convert Our Data in Graphics

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People are suffering from too much of information. Long wordy reports are not at all interesting. The solution lies in data visualization or infographics. People remember only 20% of what they read. 83% of learning occurs visually. It is easier to absorb images. Images are more appealing and they are remembered longer. Color, contrast, rhythm and shapes make complex data in graphics easily understood and remembered much longer. This is the reason why people remember TV ads.

Six Totally Original Infographics

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There has been an unprecedented explosion of infographics in recent years. Many are confusing, cluttered and boring. Do not despair. Here are five cool infographics that use a combination of interesting colors, bold graphics and good storytelling to communicate their message.

Top 7 Best Useful Tips For Infographics About HTML5

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If you are on the lookout for resources that are easily comprehensible and want your clients to learn about the functionality HTML5 web technology in an interesting way, then these variety of info graphics are precisely what you need! HTML5 is creating huge waves and is causing a metamorphosis in the web and mobile world. So educate your clients with these top7 info graphics that will give you all the facts and figures without the techie jargon.

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