Establishing Your Own KPI Standards

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KPIs, key performance indicators, are the bread and butter of any eCommerce business that wants to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. They can help shop owners understand why shoppers exit before completing a transaction, commonly known as checkout abandonment, or how the expanded version of an eBook isn't doing as well as the shorter version.

Humanize Your Digital World: A Gallery Of The Best Web Mascots

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As consumers become ever more reliant on digital media, companies are recognizing the importance of humanizing their brands to engage customers better. Appealing web mascots provide a recognizable “face” that helps consumers engage and creates stronger brand identity to keep consumers coming back.

Google – I Will Not play by Your Rules

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“If you go against Google, you go against God” – this was a piece of advice I received from my fellow marketers when I was using my rhetoric on them, quite vainly though and asking them to join the Crusade against Google. But somehow because of some noises in the background (at least this is what I think so), the entire argument was lost on them. In fact, it is unnerving to see that everyone around is spinelessly accepting whatever Google is rolling out. Rather than putting a brave face, most of internet marketers shamelessly advocate whatever Google is saying, disregarding the obvious fact that Google is just trying to increase its profit and wants to be the big brother of the Web by unashamedly promoting its own service.

Web Design With the World in Mind!

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There are a myriad of linguistic, cultural and technical considerations to be made when crafting your pages for the web. Global web designers, read on...

Why do you need to make Freebies (products or services) for Internet-based business

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Open source community has changed many people's perspective about business, for both start-up or corporation. Initially open source gained a lot of challenges from all sides. This time our friend Bima Arafah will discuss the Freebies section of applications, games, icons, themes, stock photography, and others.

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