What You Should Know When Doing a Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography is one of the most popular types of photography, since there is no need to prepare the environment, studio or model. It is especially true, if you are traveling a lot or just living in a picturesque area with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and so on around. But residing in such an area is not everything you need: landscape photography is more of a preparation and luck. So, if you are going to make some fascinating shots of wild nature, I have some useful tips to share and help you create really amazing photos.

Tips to Photograph Stars like a Pro

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When the sun goes down, the beautiful night sky lights up with millions and zillions of stars spread all across the night sky shining and twinkling. You just feel like capturing the tiny things, don’t you? Well if not in reality, you can capture them in a frame for life by using a camera. Now, most of us are not professionals, so how do we take perfect pictures of the gorgeous night sky? Amazingly wide-angle and good quality pictures of the night sky can be taken by almost anyone who has a camera with single lens reflex 35 mm usual film or a digital cameras that are easily available. This method of capturing the star-filled night sky is called Astrophotography. Let’s take a look at some of the tips to photograph the night sky like a professional.

20 HDR Images of City Landscapes

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High Dynamic Range photography is a popular form of photography that involves capturing a wider and more natural range of colors and illumination. To say it in plain English, High Dynamic Range technique or simply HDR (as it is often referred to as) produces surreal images that blur our sense of the difference between reality and fiction. This post features 20 surreally beautiful and highly professional HDR images of cityscapes. Most of these photographs are award wining photos; they are not just standard panoramic images.

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