30 Creative Neon Light Designs

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With this hipster world’s affinity with bringing back en vogue quirky trends from decades past, neon art has recently become one of many items transported back from the 80s. Be it chic bars, stylish lofts, or shops, renditions of neon lights have become urban art-piece staples yet again.

Ten Awesome Lighting Effects in Photoshop

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I've always had that lingering passion for visual art, and I like experimenting with different software related to it. Being the wannabe artist/computer geek that I am, I spend hours drawing and editing images in Photoshop. I know I have limited skills on that aspect, so I usually look for tips and tutorials on the Internet to create different effects for my graphic designs. During my research, I stumbled upon some cool lighting effects I want to share to the readers. I believe these may help other people out there who want to add zest to their images.

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