How to Guide: Photographing Nature

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Of all of the subjects that you can photograph, nature, with its infinite variety and integral beauty has to be one of the most worthy. And if you’re a nature enthusiast, combining your love of the outdoors with your love of photography will probably seem natural.

Digital Aviary Photography: Tips and Tricks + 30 Outstanding Images

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Birds make for some of the most beautiful nature photographs for their colorful feathers, their elegant bodies, and their dynamism in flight. They also serve as a great photography challenge, as one moment they could be calmly perched on a branch, the next moment they’re already soaring through the skies.

How Hiking Helps Photographers to Shoot Creative Shots

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Photography has transcended over from just a technical skill to a major form of art. The various weapons in a photographer’s arsenal are geared towards making them more efficient but there is no alternative for pure creativity. An artist needs constant rejuvenation of ideas and it is not just a whim of fancy for them to experience new things. New experiences feed the creative soul in them and bring out the best in their work. However, the biggest hurdle for any photographer is to find constant new perspectives in a stagnating situation. This is an apt place to introduce a very simple recourse to not just rejuvenate the soul but boost fitness, promote health and provide new perspectives and ideas for better shoots – Hiking!

Wonderful Photographs of Indonesia #1

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Variety of natural beauty and panoramic views can be found in Indonesia. In this post I want to present the photographs set of Indonesia from the work of great photographers.

Beautiful Photograph of Indonesia By Dr. Sayid Budi

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In this post we can see some wonderful photographs of some places in Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali) was captured with beautiful which are the works of photographer Doc. Budie.

Inspired by Nature 20 Web Design Interface from Deviantart

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get inspiration through several examples of web design interface that uses natural elements in design. I'm sure you guys will like it, I hope you can get inspiration through the following web design

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