A Few Things That May Lead To Your Online Store Failure

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There are thousands of new online stores emerging on the Internet every single month. In accordance with the latest market researches, the average lifespan of various ecommerce projects, irrespective of their size and business niche, is a little bit more than two years. It looks like a really sad statistics, but about 90% of ecommerce start-ups eventually close due to many reasons.

6 Great Ways to Market Your Own Website

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By following and using these six important ingredients in your online marketing strategy, you will be able to establish an Internet presence that is simultaneously accessible and authoritative. The best part is, the vast majority of online marketing techniques are free, or at least, less expensive than traditional media. This means that you will reach more people and save more money.

Determining Whether You Need an Attorney When You’re Forming a Business

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When you're first starting a business, raising capital and making the funds last can be two of your most challenging tasks. It's a constant balancing act determining whether something is really needed whether it can wait. In some situations, however, you may find that waiting puts you in a great deal more trouble than spending the extra money. One of these areas is legal services in the formation of your business.

The Most Impressive Online Tool to Identify Fonts

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Nowadays, you may have to come at the great type of site which helps you so much in identify the specific font design. Therefore, you will always recognize about the font type and even the font design by using this great tool from the new tool website. So, make a guess for the font design will be just easy and even you don’t have to make a false analysis about the front type that you choose.

Top 10 Magento Online Fashion Store Themes

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Magento is a very powerful ecommerce platform on the web and most of the major store owners like magento community. Magento is one of the best open source platforms in the current web and reached third place of the CMS market which gives lot of features to magento community-based websites, which will help you to built on a powerful online stores. There are lots of free-of-cost and premium magento themes available on the web. Some the website owners like the premium magento theme, because premium themes are built of powerful designs and high quality.

5 Reasons Why One-step-checkout Brings Revenue to Ecommerce Business

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Shopping cart abandonment is not an exotic term to people who are into the business of ecommerce. It is one of the often-times happening phenomena experienced by most Magento ecommerce owners. Most ecommerce businesses are striving hard to keep away from this persisting cart abandonment woes to maximize benefits and increase revenues. Regardless of huge volume of traffic created toward the site, a poor shopping cart design with unimpressive features would spoil your entire online business in no time. Hence, it becomes necessary to learn the tricks and trades of shopping cart abandonment and how to stop customers practicing it. Well, the exponential growth of Magento and Internet technology has paved way for formulating new extensions and one such powerful extension capable of sweeping away the shopping cart abandonment sufferings is One-Step-Checkout.

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