The Anatomy of a Popular Pinterest Photo

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Social media is a great way for us as designers to share our work with others online. Possibly the best platform for this is Pinterest. While most other social media revolves around text or sharing interesting articles, Pinterest is a purely visual medium, making it the perfect choice for putting our portfolio pieces on a virtual pedestal for the world to see. In order for a Pinterest photo to be widely shared, it is essential that it be pinned and repinned by the masses. The trouble is, there was never any way of knowing what kinds of photos garner the most repins. But thanks to Philadelphia based startup Curalate, we now have a pretty good idea about what makes for a popular Pinterest photo. If you can work some of these elements into your portfolio photos, you will increase the likelihood that your work will be shared in front of a worldwide audience of other designers looking for inspiration, as well as potential clients. So what factors increase a photos “pinnability?”

What Web Designers can Learn from Pinterest

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First there was sewing at home, then there was window shopping, now there is Pinterest. Pinterest is a brand new kind of social network where Pinners can post photos from around the web on their specialized virtual bulletin boards and share their findings with their friends and strangers. The beautiful layout features a never ending scroll bar which maximizes the chance of people wasting hours on the site without even noticing the time flying by. Pinterest is now a main generator of traffic to blogs, retail websites, funny Memes, and much more.

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